Screwed again

John Day

New member
Took my flat tire to CTC in Espanola Ontario 15 Oct 2014 to have a puncture repaired. Repair took 5 hours. (for a tire store)But it was a "FREE" repair. Since they were too busy, I took it home and installed it. Started getting intermittent tire codes in truck.
On 15 Nov, changed over to winter tires, and found something rolling around inside tire. Took it to CTC in London, only to find my TP Sensor was broken off during previous repair. Referred them to previous repair in Espanola, but nothing showed up on computer. Since all CTC computers are linked, I did not keep paper copy of a free tire repair. My "free" tire repair cost me $68 to replace my TP Sensor.
I believe they deleted my visit to the shop as soon as I left, because they knew they had damaged my sensor. No ethics in that shop!

CT Challenger

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When it comes to tires, their level of competence is especially low, based on the complaints we see here, on stories from employees, and on posts to Crappy Tire's Facebook page. Perhaps the rumours are true, and the laws allow them to use untrained and unlicensed 'technicians'?

Sorry you had to learn the hard way, but thanks for sending out the warning!