Canadian Tire Centre Street Napanee - Gas Bar


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I had always thought you could purchase anything at CTC with the CTC money.

We used to cut out the multiplier coupons (5X, 10X etc) in our local paper for gas purchases and buy our fuel at the CTC gas bar.

After accumulating $25 in CTC money I took it with me to pay for my next gas purchase.

After filling my little car I presented my $25 in CTC money to the attendant to be told "it's our policy not to accept CTC money for gas".

Glancing to the left of the attendant I see a stand with CTC Gift Cards on it in various denominations. I picked up a $25 gift card and handed it her and then said: "then can I buy this gift card". She processes the card, takes my CTC money. and all is well. I then hand her the gift card and ask to pay for my gas. She stares at me but then processes the payment.

I then asked her: "wouldn't it just be smarter to just take the CTC money to pay for the gas?" She replies: "it's our policy not to accept CTC money for gas".

This is the intelligence I have had to deal with at this Napanee CTC store.