More junk from CTC


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I haven't shopped in a CTC store in oh.... months maybe years, BUT, my wife wanted to buy new LED Christmas lights and likes the new ones from NOMA... so I swallowed by pride and went into CTC to get them. Happy wife happy life..!!

While there I also picked up a Garrison Thermostat to replace and old one that's now defective.

When we arrived home we find the christmas lights are dead right out of the box... plug 'em in and nothing..!!!

So I move on to installing the thermostat... I installed the back plate, connected the wires, put in the batteries and snapped it on the wall.... but wait, no snap. The clips don't reach out enough to grab the back plate. It worked fine on the buttons while holding it in place but falls off the wall when left alone. I'm not impressed.

So I buy two items and they're both defective.... how long do you think it will be before I bother going to CTC again.??? Personally this is great. I told my wife we were wasting our time going to CTC... now she agrees.

My wife and I will return these and go over to Home Depot tomorrow.