Marine Fire Extinguisher for $39.99 dead after three months


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We needed an additional fire extinguisher after an inspection of our boat by the OPP so I popped into CTC to pick up one of their Marine fire extinguishers. Stupid I know, but I was pressed for time and the store was there...!!

Three months later the unit required recharging. The needle had fallen down half way. I take it to a local fire extinguisher retail recharge site and they tell me nope.. plastic top units can't be recharged. So after paying $45 (including tax) for this thing it's junk after three months.

I went back to the store and rather than give the gals at the Customer Service desk a headache I asked for a manager. I showed him the bottom of the unit and the "15" stamped in it as date of manufacture so he knew it was new. I explained my frustration at constantly buying products at CTC that are poor quality and simply don't work. He was receptive but in the end I didn't have a receipt, (I didn't expect a fire extinguisher to fail so quickly so again stupid me... no receipt) which of course equals no refund or exchange. I told the manager I was done with CTC. I told him they need to tell their Corporate and their buyers to smarten up and again he was receptive but I doubt anything will come of it. CTC have proven time and again they simply don't care about the customers. There are so many stupid Canadians shopping at CTC they don't need to worry about a drop in business so complaining about a product just falls on deaf ears.

So once again, I'm one of those stupid Canadians who shopped there and got burned. AGAIN.... When will I learn.???

I did discover however that for only $5 more I could buy an Industrial Fire Extinguisher with twice the poop over the CTC model and guaranteed for 6 years from the day I buy it from the local industrial supplier. So guess where I'll get my next fire extinguisher?


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Thanks for the story, and for joining the growing ranks of CT Boycotters. There are over a thousand recorded on this site!