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    Join the Boycott - People Who Pledge to Never Go To Canadian Tire Again

    I've noticed a steady stream of fellow Canadians who stating their intention to boycott Canadian Tire. Some say they will not come back until things change, but most say they will never come back. Here's a place to start making a long, long list!
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    Atv 3000 super winch

    I purchased a Super Winch AtV 3000 in Dec 09.. My new machine 100 Kms. had only 100 kms when the transmission went on it. Consequently I didn't hook up the AtVv 3000 untill this spring. I now have 205 Kms. on it and a failed attempt at an ATV 2000 super winch which I threw in the bush. In the...
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    Danze Faucet

    Hello: I'm not sure if this is the correct avenue to file a complaint, however, I will start here since this seems to be the only option available at this time. I recently (10/26/2009) purchased a danze faucet 063-8097-2 at the following location: FUNDY TRAIL MALL TRURO, NS B2N 1L1 This...
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    How do you rate 1711 Kenaston Blvd., Winnipeg, MB store?

    Rate this Canadian Tire store? Please vote on the above poll. You may select multiple choices. Only choose the options that apply. Try to be honest. Post other opinions and thought on this particular store below.
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    Poll: Does Canadian Tire Suck?

    Please vote in the poll and then post comments as to why you voted one way or the other.