I'm not sure if this is the correct avenue to file a complaint, however, I will start here since this seems to be the only option available at this time. I recently (10/26/2009) purchased a danze faucet 063-8097-2 at the following location:

B2N 1L1

This weekend (Sunday 11/08/2009) was the first chance I had to get it installed. I removed the old fixture and began installing the new one. I realized that there was a part missing from the product. While looking through the instructions I notice that somebody had written on them and that there was pen on the box, so obviously the product was previously returned; probably because of the same issue. So, I head to the store to exchange it and am told that they can not exchange any Danze products. I am told that I have to call the company directly and that they will not be open until Monday.

So, I ask to see the manager (Paul) who confirms that there is nothing he can do. Without asking any questions or looking at the product he basically shrugs his shoulders and says I have to deal with Danze (who are closed).

I firmly explain that my kitchen is dismantled and that this is not an option. I show Paul my receipt and he tells me that if it had of been purchased in the "last couple days" that he "might have been able to slip it through", but insists that there is nothing he can do. This infuriates me, but what can I do? Basically I purchased a defective product from Canadian Tire and it is my problem. So, I left.

I return home to a dismantled kitchen, still angry that I have been totally dismissed, and realize that my kitchen will have to stay this way for a week (because I work) until I can get another chance to complete the job. This is not an option. I look at the customer service info that came with the product and it clearly states that they're hours on Sun are 10AM-9PM. Great, so I'll just call and they will make everything better, right? Wrong, they are closed Sunday. Nice, screwed again. So I need to do something. I'd rather buy another faucet than live with this mess. So I return to the store.

I ask to see Paul again, I confirm that he will not exchange. I already know that he will not refund the product, but I ask anyway. Of course not, So I ask him where it is stated that return/refund policy is different for these products. Again Paul shrugs his shoulders. It is not stated anywhere. So I pointed out to Paul that the receipt says "Some exceptions may apply" he quickly agrees that this must be one of those exceptions.

So I asked Paul what would happen if I buy another faucet now and call the company tomorrow to explain the situation. "No problem... they will just give you the ok to return the product" Paul says. Feeling somewhat relieved that I have finally found a solution, we head over to get another faucet. After I checkout and get it paid for I asked Paul "Why didn't you tell this was an option?". Paul responded "Never thought of it" and shrugged his shoulders again... I suggested to Paul, that I might not have gotten so angry if I had been presented with a solution to my problem a little earlier.

So, Currently I have purchased the product twice because Canadian Tire could not help me to find a better solution and I am hoping that tomorrow when I contact Danze,that they will give me permission to return the defective product to Canadian Tire. Seems a little strange that I need get permission from the manufacturer to return something that Canadian Tire sold me. I sure hope that I do not get stuck with two of these!

As I see it, here is where Canadian Tire screwed up:

1. Dealing with manufacturers who impose restrictions that inhibit Canadian Tire's return/refund policy.
2. Allowing these manufacturers to get away with not meeting their commitment to offer the support that they advertise. It looks really bad when the product states to call a number between specific hours and then you call and it clearly states that they are closed.
3. Not clearly stating that the return/refund process was different for this product. This certainly would not have saved me the frustration, but at least Canadian Tire would have made an effort to inform me.
4. Telling the customer that "there is nothing we can do" without asking any questions about the situation.
5. Telling the customer that if the purchase had been more recent that they might have been able to help. I'd like to see the documentation on that ruling.
6. Not presenting all options for a resolution to the customer. Not only was I told I had to deal with the defective product on my own, but I was not offered any type alternate solution to deal with my problem.

I have dealt with Canadian Tire for a long time, I am a landlord who owns several rental properties and do all the maintenance myself. I purchase a lot of items for my rental units and most of my tools at Canadian Tire. I have had some poor experiences in the past... defective products, parts missing, etc. These things happen..., but I have never been treated this poorly before, and I will seriously think long and hard before making another purchase at Canadian Tire.


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Good luck with that.
I hope you learned a lesson and will not go back to Canadian Tire. Any company that would expect me to jump through an obstacle course in order to return something is not worthy of my business.


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This is the major problem with Canadian Tire--Most people don't know this, but you cannot return the majority of the products you buy from them; you must go through the company from which the product comes from. Because the majority of the items sold at Canadian Tire are sold elsewhere, why in the world would anyone want to shop at this store? Their "return policy" is an absolute joke. I've always been baffled at how it remains one of Canada's number one chains.


This should have been an omen for you. I wish I would have got a similar omen.

I bought a Danze shower set from Canadian Tire about eight years ago and have regretted it ever since. The store manager was in the aisle the same time as I was when I trying to decide which manufacturer to go with. I asked him for his “honest” opinion on their quality and was told that they are all “comparable”. Since the unit was a lot cheaper than the other products Canadian Tire carried I went with Danze – error number 1 on my part.

The word “Comparable” was a flat out lie – error number 2 on my part – believing a store manager.

To date, at six month intervals I replace the cartridges. The hot and cold are replaced more often than the diverter. But the issue is always the same – the cartridge internal thread that holds the screw that holds the handles in place get stripped. This in turn allows the handle to swivel a full 360° in the wind without turning on the hot or cold water (or diverting the water stream).

At first Canadian Tire did indeed honour the life time warrantee that came with the product and replaced the cartridges free of charge (I had to install them myself). Now they are just refusing to do so. And no one at Canadian Tire cares. I got the same shrug and “sorry but it’s your problem – you have to contact the manufacturer yourself” attitude from the store manager and customer service.


Nor are they carrying the replacement parts anymore.

It’s a big issue for me to replace the taps altogether. They are mounted blind, up against the foundation wall. The only way I can replace the taps is rip out the shower stall and install a new set – not an option.

I understand that Canadian Tire is on the verge of (or is considering) discontinuing the Danze product line because of the poor quality and workmanship. But this doesn’t help me much.

Because of this situation with Crapy Tire and Danze, I have pretty well boycotted them when it comes to purchasing anything more valuable than a screw.


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Although Canadian Tire negotiates warranties with individual manufactureres, customer may have other warranty options.

If the Consumer Protection Legistation in Nova Scotia is similar to the laws in Ontario, then the retailer has to provide a full refund for defective items.

Here's one place to start looking:

"Consumer Protection Act"