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I think this guy would give them a very low rating:

Scott Prescott Greetings,
My name is Scott Miltenburg, Owner of Prescott Refinishing. We remodel, renovate, and restore high end homes in Winnipeg. I've recently ran into a problem that we had with one of your stores (McGillvary and Kenaston). This whole problem started 2 weeks ago when we purchased 5 gallons of your premiere paint, my client chose "Antique White RM" from the CIL bright white ideas brochure that you supply at your store. They loved the color so much that they chose to use this color on a huge wall 20'x16' I had one gallon left so I painted as much as I could with that one gallon and we proceeded to go back to your store to purchase another 5 gallons. We gave them the exact color but instead of giving us 5 gallons of "Antique White RM" in a white base, they gave us "Antique White" in an accent base. I was instructed by the man in the paint department that it would not make a difference. I could not use this color at all for this wall because it was not even close to the color that we chose in the first place not to mention that the base that they used was not the correct base (It should have been in a white base not an accent base) so I did what any other professional person would do. I contacted management, I explained what happened, and I was instructed to return the paint for the product that I ordered. The exchange was done but I have already lost nearly half a day with this situation. So we returned to the customer service counter and explained that it was not our fault in any way and they tried to perceive that it was, so we got our paint that we originally wanted and went home....Which brings me to the situation that happened today, I walked into your store at (McGillvary and Kenaston) proceeded to the plumbing section and asked the manager if we could put a faucet on hold till tomorrow, because your sale does not start until then, which I thought was a reasonable request. I was confronted by a deranged manager that would not serve us due to and I quote "Our rude behavior" this was not the case. I asked her where she got this information from and she told us that her paint department told her that we were rude in exchanging the paint, I asked her to pull up the security camera footage so we could prove to her that we were in no shape or form rude to her staff. She refused to do so and told us that it was confidential. Her name was Vicki. So I asked to speak to a manager that was higher up and that got her more enraged, she proceeded to the back of the store for 10 minutes and out came this floor manager Laurence who was apparently the only one we could talk to, he was a young guy and I watched Vicki talk to him for 5 minutes before he spoke to us. In a very arrogant voice he explained to us about the paint situation and we figured that these employees were disciplined for wasting $180 worth of product and that this was going to be the repercussion of us returning the paint. He would not answer any of our questions, told us we had to leave the store or he would "Make us leave myself" was his exact words. He asked for our business name, we told him that was confidential much like showing us the security camera footage of us apparently being rude. I asked him why he wanted our business name and I quote "So I can inform the other Canadian Tires of you guys". We asked to speak to him privately but he chose to I guess make an example and raise his voice in front of your customers and his staff. I felt absolutely publicly humiliated, he proceeded to tell us that we were a fraudulent front of your customers because we apparently created 5 gallons of mis-tints, I wasn't even able to use the paint that we took back in the first place. I was told by him to "sue us". I have calculated all of my receipts from last year and through your company we've spent almost $29,000 at your stores ($28,671.38 to be exact). I am absolutely outraged and I will never contribute another cent to your company until this has be rectified and these employees have been properly disciplined. This one store has ruined my view on Canadian Tire as a whole and I will tell my future clients that we will not use any of your products because of this situation. I own multiple "Mastercraft" tools but I've since despised the name since I was treated not only wrongly but was publicly humiliated in front of your customers. Your managers could have treated this situation in a professional manner but they chose not to. Where do I go from here? Will this message be passed down to head management? How will these employees be disciplined?. I'd like it very much if you can reply, Its very sad that 3 employees change my view on this whole corporation. I really enjoyed shopping at your stores until today.

Scott Miltenburg
(Prescott Remodeling and Refinishing)