1. I

    Sold me a broken bike.

    So, I went to canadian tire a week or 2 ago and bought this bike: Ironhorse 26-in Jumpstart 2012 Full Suspension Bike | Canadian Tire It was on sale for $199.99. Everything seemed alright on it so I paid for it and started heading back home(on the bike). I made it about 10 minutes away from...
  2. IKnowThings

    How To Spot Those Who Use Disinformation

    25 Disinformation Rules!!! 1. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Regardless of what you know, don't discuss it -- especially if you are a public figure, news anchor, etc. If it's not reported, it didn't happen, and you never have to deal with the issues. 2. Become incredulous and...
  3. G

    Defective part causes engine damage

    I built a new engine with my truck, I replaced the water pump with one bought from canadian tire. The water pump failed after two days and in the process milled 4-5mm off the engine block water pump cavity. I've received quotes ranging from 5000-7000$ to have the damage repaired. Now the...
  4. C

    Collecting ID and Personal Information

    A common topic of discussion is CT's practice of requesting and recording personal information, before processing a return. The official web site on Returns, Refunds & Exchanges (Returns, Refunds & Exchanges | Canadian Tire) states: "Your name, residence address and phone number will be...
  5. C

    Why do CT haters ignore so many facts?

    A list, of all of the things that CT haters have recently claimed and not backed up, facts and figures you've chosen to ignore because they don't support your hate of CT and general industry news of interest. CT Haters why do you ignore what's really going on so much? Why do you lie about...
  6. O

    Winter Tire Policy??? Tried to Buy and Install 2, was told I had to buy 4?

    Does anyone know of a "Winter Tire Policy" at Crappy Tire? Today I tried to purchase and install 2 Winter Tires (Hankook) from CT Eglinton, Scarborough. I already had 2 new Winter Tires (Nexxen) purchased and installed at Walmart in 2009. The parts guy wrote 4 tires on the slip of paper, at...
  7. G

    EVOLVE TREADMILL,TEMPO -Canadian Tire ,3516 8th ave NE Calgary - CAN'T BE RETURNED!!!!!!!

    I bought a treadmill a week ago. On the first hour of use I noticed that the running belt keep coming of center and the equipment makes to much noise. I tried to contact TEMPO the manufacturer. Initially there was a recording saying" we are experiencing high volume calls please call us again...
  8. G

    Auto Department Is Terrable at changing oil.

    Bought a veichle from alberta and had to get it inspected at canadian tire. So i did that and while I was there I got them to change my oil and filter, BIG MISTAKE. The dimwhits there couldnt even find the oil filter and change it. I know this because they always put Motocrap oilfilters and air...
  9. G

    oil filters / tires

    warning motomaster oil filters recalled due to manufacturing defects which causes them to leak note also these oil filters are made in China not by Fram several types of motomaster tires are also made in China check the sidewall for country of origin employes typically say motomaster tires are...
  10. A

    How do you rate 1975 Dundas St E, London, ON store?

    Rate this Canadian Tire store? Please vote on the above poll. You may select multiple choices. Only choose the options that apply. Try to be honest. Post other opinions and thought on this particular store below.
  11. A

    How do you rate 2000 Columbia Avenue, Castlegar, BC store?

    Rate this Canadian Tire store? Please vote on the above poll. You may select multiple choices. Only choose the options that apply. Try to be honest. Post other opinions and thought on this particular store below.
  12. L

    Need Information On Filing A Lawsuit Against Canadian Tire

    I am filing a lawsuit against Canadian Tire for cutting up the drivers seat in my Chrysler Prowler. To replace the seat it costs $5500. At first they wanted to pay for it. Then started giving me the run around and not taking responsibility for it. I need to know who to file the lawsuit against...
  13. D

    Canadian Tire Collection Agency call

    So I received a suspected call from Canadian Tire asking me I owe them $3K. Apparently, I was surprised because I never own any Canadian Tire master cards or go there to shop. I don't owe them anything and out of the blue, they are asking me to pay up the debt and threatening me to fight for...
  14. R

    There was one not long ago!

    I know about a lawsuit being reported by The Toronto Star two-three years ago. It was about a teenaged boy in St. Catherines, ON. The teenager had bought a bike from Canadian Tire, that had some defect in it. While riding the bike one day, he slammed it against something and lost a few teeth...
  15. M

    How About Lawsuits Against this Site?

    Just wondering why there were various Canadian Tire logos sprinkled about this site yesterday, and now there is a logo of a "Canadian Tire". Did a tersely-worded e-mail come through from Canadian Tire noting that free-speech, while wide-ranging (note exceptions in the forum rules) does not...