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A list, of all of the things that CT haters have recently claimed and not backed up, facts and figures you've chosen to ignore because they don't support your hate of CT and general industry news of interest. CT Haters why do you ignore what's really going on so much? Why do you lie about your phone calls to the Ministry, to stores, to competitors?

1) Canadian Tire is not THE list of Top 20 Canadian Retailers
- this report was never provided, no follow up on who developed the report and what it was measuring

2) Canadian Tire is stealing your personal information and using it for fraudulant purposes.
- no proof, no major breaches ever reported. ( Read about Sony AGAIN today - another FULL breach)

3) Sears loses $49.5 Million in the quarter operating in the same retail climate as Canadian Tire
- I think the results speak for themselves

4) Forzani purchase for $700+ million
- despite your claims of CT failing, that's a pretty healthy purchase, with hundreds of millions cold hard cash.

5) Loblaws security kills a stealing customer
- same situation as the Hamilton Canadian Tire story, except that it doesn't involve CT, so nobody responded

6) Home Depot & Lowes had very low new store openings
- comparable to CT's except that they have US and worldwide operations. Despite their global exposure, they still opened only a small handful of stores

7) No lawsuits ever even filed, no lawyers reports, no proof to support your claims that repair of items is illegal

8) Repair information for gas powered goods, treadmills, computers etc... clearly stating the items go for repair from places such as Home Depot, Apple, Lowes, Walmart.... hey looky looky the competitors have the same practice but you ignore it.

9) CT Dealers are not millionaires, and do not get super rich owning a store
ahhhhhhhahahhahahahhaha By the way, my wife retired at the age of 34 because she doesn't need to work. I'm on the Freedom 45 plan myself

10) Tim Hortons - your beloved company who you claim is a Canadian role model for business, just had a major stock drop, disappointing quarter and their CEO left with zero notice.
- I love Hortons for coffee and as a business but even they experience downturns and struggles.

11) Target will sink Canadian Tire
- Read the analysts reports. Canadian Tire does not stand to take a major hit as a result of Target coming in. Product overlap is less then other retailers AND losing Zellers to add target means there is still the same number of retailers to compete with.

more to come

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My all time favorite is ignoring the over 600 sucks.com sites and other consumer complaint blogs that list hundreds of businesses. They don't "really" exist....consumers are ONLY pissed at Canadian Tire....lol...hilarious!

CT Me / Lawguy

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12) Canadian Tire customer service clerks record my drivers license and credit card information on their computer and are stealing from me
- Lie given that there is not a field of input for any of that information. There is simply no way to record it on the computer system. It's a lie

13) Canadian Tire clerk used my serial number, entered it into their computer to tell me my warranty has expired.
- Lie - we do not have a computer system with any serial number decoders for ANY products. FAIL