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    Buying Batteries From Canadian Tire - Warranty Issues, Etc.

    The threads on Canadian Tire batteries are very popular, especially when it comes to warranty issues. To get things started, I don't think people realize that the following thread is about batteries:
  2. O 'user' reviews... NOT!

    Well, this is my first post here and as I did not find any reference to the website and its so called user reviews, I thought I'd chime in... This is based on my actual experience, but I will spare you the details. You can always respond if you want to learn more. In a few...
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    Love the site, not surprised how many people post on here. I submitted my story here would love to get some feedback. I have more than just that story will eventually amuse you with them all one day :)
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    Nautilus deep cycle battery

    Bought a Nautilus Deep cycle battery 3 months ago from Merritt store. Used it once on a electric boat motor put it on a motomaster trickle charger, went to use it again and it never charged. Tried ...a different charger to make sure it wasn`t the charger. Still no voltage. Took it to back and...
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    How do you rate 2761 Forksdale Drive, Merritt, BC store?

    Rate this Canadian Tire store? Please vote on the above poll. You may select multiple choices. Only choose the options that apply. Try to be honest. Post other opinions and thought on this particular store below.