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This is an excerpt from a post from earlier today, which discusses issues with batteries and warranties:

... the amount of times I had poor customer service from differant stores from across the GTA to duram region.

the most recent is at the oshawa store @taunton and wilson. I had the warranty paper but not the orignal reciept (mind you the reciept is printed on the warrenty paper and out of the same car for the same car)

was told as policy u need it or I'll have to buy a new one, so I bought a new, only to find the reciept a few days later taking it to them asking for a store credit(not a refund) the store refused. Called Customer Rel. and they resloved the issue for the store credit done. The new battery from the time I put it in the car it out putting 11.5 to 10.5 volts to crank the car. That right there is a probelm, the battery should be out putting 12 volts when cranking. I took it back and advised the store in oshawa whats going on. They told me its could be my altonator or a short in the wires. I said ok as it is an old car (1986 cutlass 3.8l V6) I left the battery to be charged and went home to see if there was a short. Got the battery back @ 13 volts which it should be at. What did to ensure my car is ok, tested my altonator sent back a recharge up to 15.5 volts didnt go below 13 volts while running, was pulling about 40-30amps so altonator is fine so far.

then check my wires mind u I re did my gounds in my car all of them. I disconntected the pos terminal of the battery put my multimetre in there and had the car door and hood open with the fuse for the light in saw that it was drawing a 11.2 amps from the battery then removed the fuse went all the way down to 0 amps so wire shorts or wire problems. I advised the service manger Burno what i did and he starting telling me about the batttery acid and how bunch of things that dont matter. I asked if the battery is def. then why is it not handling the load and only sending 11.5-10.5 volts? he didnt answer the question he said as usually well my test says needs a recharge and the manufactor goes by the same tester and they will lose on the cost.

So i asked him the same question and added doesnt that mean that the battery is def and should be replaced as ur test is not testing the load? he didnt answer the question n only offered to recharge it or I can bring my car in and they can do the testing and get a read out. So spend more money instead of looking at the mani issue that battery as everything was crossed out and keeps coming to the battery.

Manager just repeated himself. I said ok take it charge it and im going to get my money back, he said not refunds, i said you will do it but ill get ur boos to do it. Called custom rel advised that i bought a battery from walmart and car working fine and they said that will refund my money with the reciept from walmart.

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As predicted, Angry/CT/Me/Law/Guy totally failed to back up their claims.

Which is tantamount to an admission that they lied .... again.

It's be worth it to shop around, to find out which competitors Angry/CT/Me/Law/Guy is trying to hide from us ...


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Well, it matters very little what Crappy Tire SAYS their warranty terms are.

A quick search of this site for the word "battery" will show the many excuses Crappy has for refusing to honour the terms they claim to provide.

This whole thread is a case in point.

Just like Crappy refusing to give refunds for items that are supposed to be returnable even if the package is opened, etc.

Or refusing to honour the Scanning Code of Practice in Ontario.

Or charging "restocking fees" when now were ever disclosed, and the package really is unopened.

The list of transgressions goes on.

Yes indeed - it doesn't matter what they SAY they are going to do - it only matters what they WILL do.

And that's a very big difference when dealing with likes of the Crappy People.

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Challenger and H8TR - this is really just a conversation between the two of you. Nobody is participating any more.

It's black and white as far as I can see. 10 year warranty on batteries is only offered at CT.
9 years was the closest I found, which is quite frankly more then 99.9% of people ever need as cars aren't lasting that long anymore.

If you can find a warranty equal to or better then 10 years, have at er.


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Angry/CT/Me/Law/Guy is still participating in the conversation, if only to deny that he/she is particpating in the conversation, LOL!

I see the claim of "best in the business" remains unsubstantiated, and has now been down-graded to "the only one to offer a 10 year warranty".


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ummm if nobody has a longer warranty doesn't that kind of make it the best warranty?

The only thing close was 3 year free, 3 year roadside, 9 year total
CT's top line is 4 year/4year 10 year

I don't need to substantiate my claims to you, the information is readily available.
You've done nothing to disprove my claim. I've operated this business for many years and researched my competitors. I'll stick to my knowledge, you stick to your unsubstantiated refuse to believe the truth.


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the information is readily available.

Umm ... if it's so 'readily' available, why doesn't the Crappy person just post it, instead of talking in circles?

Or are they simply trying to deceive customers .... again?

Seems simple enough - "put up or shut up".

Still waiting .....

(Oh, and consumer should be sure to read the horror stories on here, and on sites like Red Flag Deals, about the times when Crappy refuses to honour their so-called warranty on batteries!)
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Unfortunately for you, no customers are viewing this site any longer as it has more or less become defunct.

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The Angry CT Me Law Guy is still dancing around the issue, and still hasn't posted any of the information they claim to have, about every Canadian retailer "in the business" of selling automotive batteries.

Kinda makes one suspicious, huh?

Oh, and the stat's are easily accessible, to see how many 'views' there are of these threads - some thread have hundreds!

Not much credibility with these Crappy People.

Can't trust them to honour their warranties, either, it seesm.
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If you're so eager to prove me wrong, and so confident you can do so...go right ahead.

See there's a neat little pattern that's developed over time on here.
When you know you're wrong, you keep blaming a CT person for not providing the proof.
When you think you've got the answer, you go on about posting links and copied info from various sources.

The fact that users are not posting to this site is fairly indicative that the credibility loss is not mine...it's yours and this site.

Prove me wrong, find me a better warranty


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Angry/CT/Me/Law/Guy hasn't figured it out yet: s/he is the only one who need to prove anything, here.

Gee, s/he claims to have all the warranty information from every retailer "in the business".

But why won't s/he post it, since it's "easy to find"?

Oh, wait: it's just because they don't FEEL like it!

Uh-huh. Sure thing.

Reminds me of all the other lies they've been caught in: https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/g...y-do-ct-defenders-post-so-many-lies-here.html

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Same old insults, same old dodge and weave when it comes to finding facts. Good job CT Hater, no wonder nobody comes to post on this site anymore. You've destroyed any sensee of credibility that could come with a "Consumer advocate" site.

well done guys.... you've failed at your mission to take down Canadian Tire. Be sure to check out some new store openings coming in early 2012. Here we grow again...

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Yup, the Crappy People just keep puttin' those unsubstantiated claims out there, then failing to back them up. And now it's somehow OUR fault?? What a riot!

But it's important to remember the basics:

- There's still not a scrap of proof that their battery warranty is "the best in the business".

- Even if they had the best warranty, they wouldn't honour it anyway - just like their other policies.

- Crappy People can't be trusted (see the ever-growing list of their false claims).

What more proof do you need than Angry/CT/Me/Law/Guy's anti-consumer poor behaviour on this site?

Bottom line: stay away from Crappy Tire.
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Automotive, Auto Batteries, Auto | Walmart Canada - Save Money. Live Better.

Vehicle Selection - NAPA Auto Parts

CARQUEST® Batteries - Home

Interstate Batteries Results Page - Automotive / Truck 2008 Cadillac Escalade

(Interstate) I love their claim at 85 months it says one of the longest warranties in the business hahahaha - Even our second line battery has a better warranty

Exide Technologies Online Parts Catalog (Exide)


OEM batteries are covered to a maximum for years from GM, Ford & Dodge under 4 yr / 80km bumper to bumper.


So you can now comfortably acknowledge that you were wrong! Yes that's right, while calling me the liar, you've been factually proven incorrect, as you requested. Proof! Truth!

Go ahead, stop posting in this thread now that it's going to be dead, or find a way to respond with some sort of "BUT" answer.



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Well, Angry/CT/Me/Law/Guy has finally begun to back up their original claim, in hopes of redeeming themselves.

But they've got a long, long way to go!

After all, they said the Crappy Warranty was "the best in the business", which encompasses every, single battery retailer in all of Canada.

We'll just have to wait an see, once the rest of the data get posted.

Don't forget Battery World in Vancouver. How about Battery Direct in Calgary? Niagara Tire and Battery? B&T in Glace Bay?

For sure, they are all "in the business", too!

Then again, do we trust that the CT/Liar won't hide the ones that are better than Crappy Tire??

We know that they've already lied on this thread, about the number of people who 'view' these posts ...

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You know, i'd atleast expect that if you're goign to start pulling random names of battery sellers that you'd atleast do your homework first and use ones that have a better warranty. Unfortunately you did not.
Of course you won't find one with better warranties as there isn't one....but that's not the point.
Keep digging

You fail

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Angry-CT-Me-Law-Guy sure does a lot of back-tracking.

First it was "best warranty in the business", but no evidence has yet been offered.

That got down-graded to "only one with a 10-year warranty", but there isn't any evidence for that, either.

Then they claimed that "nobody views this web site", but then it was all, "oops - I meant nobody else POSTS here".

Reminds me of all the other claims that have been disproven on this site.

Like all return policies being "the same damn thing", or "a warranty is the same thing as a return policy". Ha-ha!

Now they aren't happy because customers aren't posting enough research for their taste!

Pretty entertaining.

None of it matters, though - better to get even an 8 or 9-year warranty from someone who will honour it, instead of any length of warranty from a retailer who won't honour it!