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    Hello and I am priveleged to have joined this awesome site.

    Glad I found this site since Canadian Tire does indeed Suck. This is an ugly company which on a daily basis writes a new high in low when it comes to customer service. Because of their repair only policy on a number of their items DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SCUM BUZZARDS. I bought a pressure...
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    Simonize - just another private label??

    After getting stung on a Simonize pressure washer that failed during the warranty, then failed just outside of the warranty (now sitting forlornly in my car port) I am told that CT bought the name for Canada and it's sold only by CT. It was cheap and I guess the name of the crapshoot is 1. you...
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    Will Crappy Tire Survive The Coming Competition?

    The Crappy Defenders generally say they've survived the arrival of Costco and Walmart, so they are safe. Even CEO Steve Wetmore has been quoting Churchill, in anticipation of the coming onslaught: Canadian Tire: Fixing a flat | What do consumers think about the impending...
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    Crappy Tire's Financial State

    It's good to see some financial information that isn't distored by the Crappy Tire Defenders. It turns out that this "cash only" buy-out of Forzani wasn't really "cash only" after all. Crappy Tire's debt went up from $2.3 billion to $3.3 billion. There was assumed debt and transaction costs...
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    Crappy Tire Financial: A Sinking Ship? Or, Cheating Customers to Stay Afloat?

    Some say Crappy Tire is a sinking ship, that's heading down the tubes. Recent news stories suggest the Retail division is being kept alive by the profits from high gasoline profits, now that the Financial arm isn't able to make up for their losses. Others say that Retail and Auto Service are...
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    Owners/Managers Seeking Information and Opinions From Customers

    Hi. There isn't a single "Q&A" thread, where the Crappy Tire people can post questions for consumers to answer. I keep seeing these kinds of questions scattered around this site, so I thought it would help if we had one place for them. For instance, "What are the top 20 retailers in Canada"...
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    Does Crappy Tire Lose Money Giving Refunds?

    This is a recurring topic, and right now there are two different threads with two similar discussions. Consumers understand that simply processing a refund will cost the store some resources, but people who say they represent CT deny that this is significant. Other consumers say it's only...
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    Why Do CT Defenders Post So Many Lies Here?

    I find it fascinating that those who appoint themselves as defenders of Canadian Tire on this site post so many bald-faced lies. What could their intention be? Are they simply being argumentative, and like to stir up controversy (tolls)? Do they think their bogus claims will convince future...
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    Sure I work for Canadian Tire, but even *I* don't agree with some things

    Hello, I will admit there is a problem with customers taking advantage of Canadian Tire. Returning products that are used claiming not to be used. Or claiming defective when not defective. Or dropping a vacuum down the stairs and claiming it defective. But while this does happen, there are also...
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    "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

    A Canadian Tire policy that seems to cause a large number of complaints is their “Repair Only Warranty”. The name doesn’t sound so bad. It seems like it’s only telling you something about the manufacturer’s warranty. After all, how could a “Repair Only Warranty” doesn't sound a whole lot...
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    The Many Ways CTC Is Going Down-Hill

    I've been aware for some time that Canadian Tire is going down-hill, in products and services. 10 years ago, I started hearing horror stories about auto repairs being done incorrectly by incompetent employees, and have actively discouraged people from taking their vehicles their. At some...
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    How do you rate 1975 Dundas St E, London, ON store?

    Rate this Canadian Tire store? Please vote on the above poll. You may select multiple choices. Only choose the options that apply. Try to be honest. Post other opinions and thought on this particular store below.
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    Simoniz Scam

    Last summer, I bought a Simoniz 1750 pressure washer on sale. The very frist time I went to use it, the gun leaked at the trigger and there was no pressure. I went back to CT and the clerk told me that they had a lot of complaints about this pressure washer and that Simoniz would send me a new...