1. Ramou

    Sign at the Customer Service desk

    Waiting in line at the customer "service" desk, my spidersence kicked in when I saw the paper posted to the back of a computer screen for customers to read: "your conversation will be recorded . . ." (I forget the rest, something about abuse, or maybe everyone's "protection") I realize now that...
  2. Ramou


    Hello, as with everyone here, I've had an inexcusably bad experience at CT. In my case, trying to return defective goods. The clerks were treating me like a liar and a theif. I had to phone customer service on my cell while standing in front of the assistant "manager" while he was texting his...
  3. S

    Canadian Tire Lasalle #230: rude manager treats the customers as criminals

    Well, the staff at the Angrignon store (Canadian Tire Lasalle #230, 2221 boul.Angrignon, Lasalle QC) was rude and extremely unfriendly as always. I went with a couple of items and two coupons to the cash and, once I paid for the first item, I gently asked the cashier to pass the second one. Note...
  4. W

    Not happy

    "Sorry,No Class Tire" would be a better name,.I have to make a trip up north in to BC . My tires are in not bad shape but to be safe a new set of four would be better.I went to "Canadian Tire" here in Airdrie and approached the young clerk at the parts counter. I asked him if they have tires...
  5. D

    Unusual store Great Parts Department

    So I go to Canadian tire Dundas store after being sent from the Ancaster store for a part for my Firefly. The girl at the Ancaster store tell me that the dundas store has the part. Well when I get to canadian tire Dundas the young man at the parts counter tells me they dont have the part in...