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Well, the staff at the Angrignon store (Canadian Tire Lasalle #230, 2221 boul.Angrignon, Lasalle QC) was rude and extremely unfriendly as always.
I went with a couple of items and two coupons to the cash and, once I paid for the first item, I gently asked the cashier to pass the second one. Note that on the back of the coupon was not stated "one transaction per day", only one coupon per transaction per person. She refused. I asked again and pointed out at the fine prints. She refused again and called the manager. She could not even read English and told me that in French it was written "par jour" (per day). Well, it was, but I insisted on the English version. The manager came right away. (This is very unusual, because I've had problems with this store other times and had to wait for the manager for a while). The manager bluntly told me to leave the second item and leave store because he was not happy that I was trying to use two coupons. I did not want to escalate the conflict and said, "OK, fine...", and left the store.
Then I re-entered the store thinking of going through another cash. Then my wife arrived, and I when I was telling her the story a security guard approached us and told to BOTH of us to leave the store because we were not allowed to "split the purchase" and escorted us out! Can you believe it?!?!? It means the manager called the security while I was talking to him, the the security tracked me for no reason... Never ever I'll go to this store and tomorrow I'm filing a complaint...

I respect your dislike of Crappy Tire. But I'm not sure I agree with you choice of words.

Hate them for being Crappy Tire with terrible service and policies, and not for the province they operate in or the language they speak.

Of course, the Crappy Tires in Quebec might well be worse than in the rest of Canada.

But I admire the consumer protection laws in Quebec. For instance the Scanning Code of Practice is law, not just a "voluntary code" that some retailers choose to join. I'm jealous!

I suppose stronger consumer protection laws might explain it, if the Quebec Crappy Tires are worse - they are being held to a higher standard.

Consumers in all