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Waiting in line at the customer "service" desk, my spidersence kicked in when I saw the paper posted to the back of a computer screen for customers to read: "your conversation will be recorded . . ." (I forget the rest, something about abuse, or maybe everyone's "protection") I realize now that the sign was in English only! This being Quebec, that's more than a little unusual. Maybe CT thinks English customers are more troublesome? I wish I had snapped a picture. Not only will I never go back there (Ok, at least until they have a really great deal on something else i don't need, hee hee) I plan to tell as many people as possible they have a right to a refund when the goods are defective, whatever bullshit policy CT wants to enforce. BTW, nice touch, the store manger being out to lunch when people are trying to return things on their own lunch hours. Funny seeing the assistant manger texting him for guidance. Good job. And oh yeah, I really appreciate the fact that some goon from the auto service area was called to stand by my side while I GOT my refund. What incompetent a-holes.
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Word still hasn't gotten out among many Canadians that Canadian Tire has a policy against giving refunds. Sure, some CT stores might be giving Rrefunds to help retain customers, but even CT staff seem to be (or at least claim to be) unaware of this policy change.

Because every other major retailer in Canada has a Satisfaction Guarantee policy, many Canadians mistakenly assume that Crappy Tire has a similar policy, too. Some even believe that it's legally required. Only when there is a problem do the innocent Canadian consumers find out what's happened to the policies.

To make things worse, we see cases where the policy for UNWANTED items (i.e., must be returned unopened) is mistakenly applied to DEFECTIVE items.

And, if you've read the popular "Repair Only Warranty" thread, you'll see that the Crappy People who ripen the store are fond of lying to consumers, and falsely claiming that a refund is not required.

They will even drag out countless manufacturers' warranties, as some kind of alleged 'proof' that the Sale of Goods Acts and the Consumer Protection Acts are somehowm irrelevant, of don't allow the cancellation of a Consumer Agreement (eg., retail purchase in a store).

Thanks form taking the time toss here, and help,your fellow Canadian Consumers!