Can you trust CT?


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Just had an oil change done in the afternoon today at CT.
When I went to pick up my car, I found out that they left my car unlocked in the parking lot. After I went back to my office, I called CT to question why did they leave a car unlocked after servicing. The guy answered the phone argued that generally their technician would lock the customer cars. He didn't apologize but said will call back. He kept his promise to call me and explained that the technician might have pressed the wrong button and the technician did apologize for the mistake.

Luckily I didn't leave any important/valuable belongings in my car. Who is responsible for reimbursing me for the loss if someone broke into my car? I don't think CT will.
There was a story in Calgary or someplace a while ago, where someone didn't keep the keys safe, so the car was stolen and damaged. Lots of stories of staff damaging vehicles, too.

There are many reports of young, poorly supervised staff being left in charge of vehicles - this could be why customers' property is so often damaged or not adequately cared for.

I'd have to say that, no, you can't trust CT in this way.

Lots of other ways you can't trust them, either. Have a look around this site - see how many ways there are!