Meet Adam - Manager of Dalhousie Store in Calgary


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I would like you to meet Adam.

Adam is a manager in Canadian Tire Dalhousie location in Calgary.

A few minutes ago, Adam told me I'm a dick.

That was his response to my request to explain why he wouldn't honor a price match guarantee on an inexpensive item.
I thought something was wrong with my ears and asked him to repeat. He gladly repeated.

Of course, two employees in whose presence he made this statement said they would not feel comfortable to confirm what he said.
Adam refused to give me his surname but gave me permission to take his picture. As you can see from his thumbs up, he believes he is doing the right thing.

Now I probably wouldn't post this, but this is not the first time this happened to me at this Canadian Tire location.

So if anyone ever wants to be called a dick by a retail store manager when you are a customer, pay a visit to Canadian Tire. I'm sure Adam would be happy to indulge!



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sounds like they're comfortable in their job, and confident Corporate won't fire them.

This is comparable to the General Manager of the Kanata Store (Allan Malcomson), who is a total piece of work. Malcomson has instructed his staff to call the Ottawa Police if are trying to argue over a return.

Quite frankly, Canadian Tire is an expensive Dollorama.

1) Do not trust the merchandise, it is cheap garbage
2) Do not trust their Employees, however have some empathy for them (they are employed by pieces of trash)
3) Any purchases that you may do, do not bother keeping the receipt (for the purpose of return or exchange with CT, it is a battle)
4) They like to compare themselves to big box store. In reality, they are bottom feeder of the retail industry (worst return policies in the market, inflated sales prices over the cheapest junk ever)
5) Plain and simple, the fact they have been established since 1958 and they are still in business in this economy (as they are having difficulties competing against retailers: Home Depot, Costco, Walmart; just to name a few), can only be accomplished by ripping the most vulnerable Canadians of all, the ones who do not understand there are cheaper alternatives anywhere else.
6) If you are reading this post, you are obviously able to research via Google for an alternative. Rarely have I seen products that are solely sold by Canadian Tire, you would be surprised by the alternatives available. If you really want to annoy Canadian Tire (and trust me it works extremely well), research a product that is on sale by a competitor, and request a price match at customer service. Never have I seen a Clerk google as hard the Ad I presented to them (it hurts their profit, which has a domino effect on their 'profit sharing' which they are so proud of). I make over 100K a year, and I still do it just to piss them off.


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Corporate isn't involved in hiring. That is up to the local franchise owner or the people hired to manage the place. That leaves the strong possibility in advancement through nepotism and brown-nosing. An employee can get away with a lot if they're friends with the boss.