Canadian Tire does NOT warranty their Tires


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Canadian Tire does NOT warranty their Tires!!!

Well,they don't warranty their tires on bicycles.
I just bought my son his first full size bicycle,
get it home, the tires are low,
read the outside of the tire for the correct pressure,
inflate the back no problem, inflate the front BOOM!!!!!
it blows up on us, scaring my kid who is standing right there!!

I take it back to Canadian Tire 30 minutes later, they won't give me a new inner tube,
they can "fix it" if I come back in 6 days. Failure is not an option to a 10 year old.
I had to pay for a new inner tube, $20 (yes, this particular inner tube costs $20,
probably cheaper elsewhere but what's the point of spending $5 of gas to save $5?)

I can't write any formal complaints, it's clearly written on the warranty that
Canadian Tire does not provide warranty on the tires.
Buyer beware!