Courtenay Canadian Tire


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Beware of Courtenay Canadian Tire Store if you work for them do not make even one mistake or you are out the door. You only have hope of working there if you kiss their asses. You are treated like crap and there is no exception for making a mistake unless you are a ass kisser. Kept track of all sales for one day and it was really funny they did not match and I was told I was short 40.00. Counted everything twice but they still said I was short. So I changed my float to correct it and the next day everything balanced. Funny float should have been short 40.00 dollars which I no for a fact that everything was right. They are the most arrogant people in the world and do not deserve good people to work they can stay with their crooked employees. I will never step into that store again and will tell everyone what they are like and how they make fun of customers when they leave and the names they call them.
Your welcome. Unless you want to take what they throw at you and be a yes person you will not fit in there.