Looking for corporate email list...


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I went into the service centre and spent over $1000 on tires this week. When I got my car back, my wheels had been wrecked. Paint completely stripped off around the edges, chips, long scratches following the edge of every rim. Obviously I am going to be unhappy.

When I spoke to the Service Manager at the store, he offered me $60 back! Not only that, but he insinuated I was lying and that a big part of the the damage could have been done before I was in the store. (Luckily I just so happened to take pictures of all 4 wheels about 26 hours before going into the store as I had considered selling them that day).

I have emailed customer service, but I would really like to get hold of the corporate email list. Does anyone have access to any or even all emails for the corporate team?

Thanks in advance!