Moosejaw looking for 2 service tech's,And reporting huge ripe off's.



Moosejaw saskatchewan,Has been advertising for two new service techs as the past two have quit,Reason for quiting is that they were tired of the management liing to customers.
Getting tires rotated,amazing that they do a 50 point inspection at same time,,No charge,,this is so they can tell you that you need 100's-if 1000's of dollars worth of work.
Service writers are instructed to tell the customer that any issue that may come up with there car/truck is there responsibility,,,even if the mechanics are to blame for the mistake.
I have personally worked at this particular staore and was present on more than one occasion where the mechanics were to blame for 1500$-2500$ worth of work done to a car.Then management instructs counter staff to pass this along.
Mechanic as an example,,forgot to put fuse box cover back on a newer vechicle,,when attempts to start failed,,they said it needed new computer was purchased and installed,Still no start as no fuse box cover installed...canadian tire had to send car back to dealer to resolve issue.
Pro-start installations that take 1-2-3 days for installation,,then customers having to return numerous times as the installation was done wrong.
car would not start,car towed in,,7 hours of diagnose time added up..In the end it turned out to be a valet key that the customer was trying to use..the customer was billed for a new ignition and chiped key.
All that I have mentioned are true and have happened in the 2009-2010 calender years.
If you are thinking about shoping there ,,or working there ,,,please do not,,,save your money,and some yrs off your life due to stress.
There new service manager is one that was rehired after she quite a few yrs ago ,,,due to the fact they expected her to stop bumping mechanics off jobs so they could do work on her freinds cars,Supplying free tires,free oil changes,pretty much free anything if you bitch loud enoufe.
Provincial inspections are a joke as alot of the time the mechanic that does then will put a board under one side off the car when it is getting allinment checked,,somewhere under the car to make the system read that the car needs adjustment.Unless you are his freind.
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Canadian Tire was even tested . Several garages were given a vehicle with a plug wire unhooked on purpose to see what the garages could find , Calgary Can tire checked out with the highest bill for $1500 . I'm just a backyard mechanic and I could diagnose that in under 1 minute as it would have been the first thing to check with a miss fire .

Frankly , I think they should be stripped the right to bear the "Canadian" name . Such a disgrace to our country IMO . Perhaps a better name would be "Chinese Tire" . Considering the majority of products it sells come from there .