Shareholders first, customers second. Let's pay their shareholder's meeting a visit.


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My imagination tells me that root of all the problems start with the fact they're a publicly traded corporation. They don't give a fvck about customer service, but more about the bottom line. Their priority is their shareholders. They pay their shareholders by ripping you off. Their automotive department is this source of this revenue. Their disgusting customer service gives me the feeling they are operated by the same shady Toronto ruling class as Rogers communications. I believe I have cracked their code and some of their dirty tricks.

Let me tell you about my experience with Canadian tire: They cannot put on tires. As for a history, I remember this store since I was a kid, and it was the shittiest building in the neighborhood, a total eye sore. I always remember them being not only creepy, but also very crappy with mediocre looking tools, etc. In recent years, I started going there to get tools for my own auto repairs, or yard work. My opinion had changed somewhat positively, although I was still kind of disturbed by some 1980's looking muffler repair inventory decomposing there in 2013.

Anyway, this past week I have been shopping for steel rims and snow tires. I was planning on going to the Ford dealer to get the rims, CT for the tires. But then I see in the flyer $49.99 for steel rims. Great! I go to the CT store at warden/eglinton - tell rep at counter my make model, and she acted like I was the luckiest person on earth - CLEARANCE RIMS $10 that will fit your car! Made by a Chinese company Jingu. This is why we need tariffs on Chinese imports. So, since I was saving about 75%, I said, hey, why not, this is a well known company, they're going to good info on their database. This in my opinion was dirty trick number 1: sell me some bunk parts that don't fit. I believe their ultimate goal, once installed, was to cause damage to my braking system, to charge me for more repairs. OK, maybe I'm being paranoid, but the Toronto elite are the dirtiest players in the game.

So anyway, I buy these 4 bunk Chinese knock-off rims from Markham & Lawrence. My instinct told me no, but the price was tempting, and turned out "too good to be true" - isn't this what victims state after they have been ripped off by criminals? I was assured they were for my vehicle, the database says so.

Dirty trick number two was sending me to a different store to get the tires. At this store, about 2 hours after ordering, they call me to say there's only 3 tires in stock. Total bullshit, I still give them benefit of the doubt: they tell me to get the 4th tire at Warden/Eglinton. This tire looks different than the others, the cashier even laughed and stamped the receipt "No warranty on cash and carry items." Yet I paid with credit card, not cash. Anyway, to me this looks like they're trying to make nobody liable for any fuckups.

Dirty trick number three: I get the tires balanced and mounted at Kingston and st clair where I bought the tyres. I watch the mechanic work on the car. He literally dropped the mag alloy (brittle) rim onto the cement floor, face down from a height of about 7 feet. Puts rims on. I reverse the car: SCREEEEEEEEEEECH. drive down the driveway, grinding. Some people, maybe those with mental illness, would have driven off into the night, probably destroying their braking system. These things obviously don't fit my car, or were not put on properly. Also, the senior technician said to the guy, before he even put the rims on my car "hey, in 15 minutes I need to teach you something about rims"

They charged me before I found out the rims did not fit. I got a refund for the shitty rims, now I have to purchase the real ones from ford, and these bastards wont put them on as part of what I paid in the original work order. Today it started snowing and I am without snow tires on the car.

So basically, Canadian tire grifted me for about $80, and I won't be taking the real rims there, but will be taking them to professionals for balance and mount. Canadian tire needs to stop letting their shit tier mechanics learn on customers cars.

And this brings me to my last point: Have you ever noticed some cars sitting in the parking lots of Canadian tires for months at a time? I can only speculate that this is due to someone getting shafted and refusing to pay.

So screw you Canadian tire, you can go to hell. I will be boycotting you completely, won't even buy toilet paper from you.

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And wouldn't it be a good idea for us to rally outside their annual shareholder's meeting?

Companies like CT are the reason why the rest of Canada regard Torontonians as assholes.

Canadian tire is a passing imitation of a junk yard.

Canadian tire can't even put on tires.

Protip: You can't get your car fixed at Canadian tire. Buy tools somewhere else and do it yourself!