1. I


    I am just finished registering and am interested if anyone knows if and where I may be able to buy a drill chuck for the jobmate drill press modle 55-5901-6. I also have the little bandsaw that was a promotion 3 yrs. ago and need sawblades for it. I was very unhappy with the saw as the blades...
  2. T

    18v PowerXchange cordless tools

    I have a bunch of PowerXchange cordless tools. It's unfortunate they have two battery systems with the same name and voltage. Mine are the style with angular batteries, not the brick shaped batteries. Here is my opinion o 1/2" Hammer drill - Excellent. Lot's of power. Metal gear case...
  3. Bertminator

    So Called Lifetime warranty on tools..BS

    I bought drill bit set 22 years ago 1989, and still have the receipt which I was told at the time was my warranty for these "lifetime" bits. Since then I think I returned bits for warranty twice, with 1st time no issues, 2nd time minor issues, but this evening I was told No way were these...
  4. M

    ratchets, sockets, etc

    CTC used to say it's warranty on tools is "forever" but forever now has a time limit or at least it requires a receipt. No more replacements without a receipt. Now who keep receipts for their tools for years??? Are they mental? You'd think the fact you present them a broken part would be...
  5. R

    Canadian Tire won't let me use my Canadian Tire Mastercard

    The chip in my credit card doesn't work. I have ordered a new one. Meantime an employee at Canadian Tire refused to swipe my card which she admitted would work. Because ......... that would leave Canada tire on the Hook for the money if I should default on my payments at any time.( those were...
  6. J

    certification at canadian tire

    I brought my car in for cert. For change of ownership..it passed no problem. Took car back two weeks later they say it needs a ball joint...."If it does then how was it certified!". Second problem...I had a tensioner replace nine months ago..today they have to replace the altenator and they...
  7. M

    Mastercraft Compact Li-Ion Drill, 18V

    Mastercraft Compact Li-Ion Drill, 18V Product #54-1207-6 I bought this drill because of the rave reviews it had on the Canadian Tire website. Turns out that certain points (Charge Time - 90 minutes, Torque - 230 in-lb and and Lithium battery life) were wrong or misleading. Because my battery...
  8. G

    Atv 3000 super winch

    I purchased a Super Winch AtV 3000 in Dec 09.. My new machine 100 Kms. had only 100 kms when the transmission went on it. Consequently I didn't hook up the AtVv 3000 untill this spring. I now have 205 Kms. on it and a failed attempt at an ATV 2000 super winch which I threw in the bush. In the...
  9. C

    Questions and suggestions for the customers!

    I work at a CT part-time and while you may joke all you want about the employees and the store (I've heard it all), it just so happens that most customers, probably the ones who post on this site, and either incredibly dumb, lazy or just plain retarded. Everyday I bombared with moronic...
  10. G

    Canadian Tire doesn't honor their return policy?

    I was at the Bentall Street Canadian Tire location in Vancouver this evening with a family member who was wanting to return an unopened smoke detector trio. It was within 90 days, I think it's only been 33 days. I don't believe smoke detectors fall under the category of the 'electronics that may...
  11. IKnowThings


    I'm surprised that no one has posted in here yet. Jobmate is a Canadian Tire specific brand. AND, it SUCKS!! Very poor quality items for the most part. Extremely cheap in every way!
  12. C

    From A Customer Service Rep

    The return policy isn't as cracked as you people make it out to be. I work on the customer service counter(and have also been in the sports dept, seasonal dept, and Garden Center) and I find Canadian Tire a good place to shop. Is it a career for me? Hell no. I'm a university student making some...
  13. C

    May be you have tried this way

    search all consumers' complaints on the web, and send invitations to them, ask them come here to have a look.