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I bought drill bit set 22 years ago 1989, and still have the receipt which I was told at the time was my warranty for these "lifetime" bits. Since then I think I returned bits for warranty twice, with 1st time no issues, 2nd time minor issues, but this evening I was told No way were these lifetime warranty. Their bits (cobalt) are only 3 year, and HSS are 1 year, so I fought it.

I told them "why would I keep a receipt for 22 years + if they weren't lifetime warranty?" I was met with arguement & frustration by this useless Supervisor at St. Vital store in Winnipeg. She walked away from me while I was trying to argue my case, which in turn, pissed me off even more, so I said "Where's the Manager?". He came to talk to me with the (you know what) beside him, and I told him my explanation, where he politely said to the (you know what) yes, just replace them, as years ago they were lifetime warranty, but now they were only going to honor the existing warranty. So in all I was glad, but really...IF I paid $59.00 back then for LIFE warranty, why the H-E-double hockey sticks should I lose my warranty? I MORE than paid the price for it, and it should be honored no questions asked and without putting (the now FORMER) customer through all that stress? I'm done with them...I mean, what did those bits cost them to replace in the end...pennies!? It cost them a customer also.


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We've heard a few stories about "lifetime warranties" that Crappy Tire decides not to honour any more. There was a story about automotive batteries and another tool (can't remember what exactly).

It's all part of their move away from customer service, and towards screwing the customer instead. I guess they think they'll make more money in the long-run. Funny how the trend is towards better service at other retailers, especially with the new competition coming from the States.

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I find this Blog to be very telling of the history fading "Lifetime Warranty".

It starts out in 2008 with glowing reviews such as "I love" the warranty and "fantastic".

But things go quickly down-hill with more and more negative comments, as the policies are gradually tightened.

In the end, it's all "not a happy camper" and Canadian Tire "sucks".