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    Hello to everyone ... its about tires ..

    Hello to everyone from BC: The administrator of this site assures me the software they use to run it is top notch and that only the users are faulty. Lets agree to disagree for now. As you can see I am a bit out of sorts, because for me, it is all about tires. 2 March, 2013 I live in...
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    advice needed please

    hi new to this site,but like many others im having a problem with our favourite super issue is current,there is a lawsuit in place,and i dont really want to go into too many details,because there are many spies here..... anyway the upshot of my case is that i sued our...
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    Sold me a broken bike.

    So, I went to canadian tire a week or 2 ago and bought this bike: Ironhorse 26-in Jumpstart 2012 Full Suspension Bike | Canadian Tire It was on sale for $199.99. Everything seemed alright on it so I paid for it and started heading back home(on the bike). I made it about 10 minutes away from...
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    My wife purchased a hose extension to clean out the eves around the house. The end came off while using it for the first time after about half an hour. Clerk: sorry, no warranty. I've found most Mastercraft items are crap and not worth buying.
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    Frivolous legal action initiated by CTC.

    Is anyone aware of any perceived frivolous legal action iniiated by CTC?
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    Got an oil change and then some.

    I have a story, I will post what I have now on hands, and update once more information is available. My mother had her oil changed in CT. All good and well. She came there to get her brakes checked just over a month later - Canadian Tire found transmission fluid contamination in the brake...
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    Fraud to Return Identical Products With Different Receipts?

    This topic keeps coming up in other threads. Maybe it deserves its own thread. In one case, a customer had two identical and unopened items. The Crappy People said it would be "fraud" to return the older item using the receipt from the newer item. However, when asked to provide something to...
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    ctc corperation buy outs

    ok soo ive been working at partsource for 5 years part-time, recent my boss gave me a key to the store giveing me the resposiblities of opening ( on weekends) and closeing everytime i work and being responsible for everything while im there....without giving me better pay or a title so basically...
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    Can i sue CT?

    Hi all, I bought one of the toolkits from CT and was not satisfied as the tools were not picking the thread properly. 15 days later i went to return but CT refuse to refund the money. They said that since its been used they cannot give a full refund. Can i sue them?
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    "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

    A Canadian Tire policy that seems to cause a large number of complaints is their “Repair Only Warranty”. The name doesn’t sound so bad. It seems like it’s only telling you something about the manufacturer’s warranty. After all, how could a “Repair Only Warranty” doesn't sound a whole lot...
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    CBC's "Go Public" reports on Canadian Tire.

    CBC News - The National - Go Public - Canadian Tire store sells questionable repairs Here is the link. Comments can be made there to spread the word that Canadian Tire is a disgrace to all that is Canadian!
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    Sale of Goods Act

    Has anybody heard of this before? I came across this on Ellen Roseman's "On Your Side" blog (here: Your right to a refund, credit or exchange | Ellen Roseman). Apparently, "the Sale of Goods Act says that merchandise must be fit for the intended purpose". Basically, if you buy something, then...
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    no refund if you don't have wife's debit card

    My wife bought a plastic broom and dust pan. When she got home she noticed the plastic dust pan had a crack in it. I said I would return it and I took it back with the bill. They would give me a credit but no cash as I didn't have my wife's debit card. I talked to the manager and he said...
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    Repair only policy

    I am sure that this happens time and time again. I bought an item, and a few days later decided that I didn't want it. Decided to return the unopened item, though stalling for 2 weeks since I have 90 days to return and all. Get to the store... "repair only" no return... excuse me? It says so...
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    C-T garage tried to rob my mother

    So this is the story: My mother had car problems where her jeep would overheat. Once she realised that it was happening with her car, she stoped and found a way to bring it over to C-T to get it checked. A mechanic looked over it, did a "Hydro Carbon test" and from that, he said that the rad...
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    Stupid return policy to hide employee theft?

    According to Mr.CT Manager his customers are all potential fraudsters to justify the stupid invasion of privacy for returns and exchanges. He goes on and on about how bad his experiences are and how many times he's caught them with fraud. Any study on the break down of his customer base? Age...
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    Auto Department Is Terrable at changing oil.

    Bought a veichle from alberta and had to get it inspected at canadian tire. So i did that and while I was there I got them to change my oil and filter, BIG MISTAKE. The dimwhits there couldnt even find the oil filter and change it. I know this because they always put Motocrap oilfilters and air...
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    Question for any CT employee

    I understand the policy of recording the information when people buy ammo from CT. But why is it recorded and left in a folder where the ammo is stored? Any gang banger can get a job at CT and have a great shopping list of who owns guns and where they live. Or for that matter just break into...
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    How can I hold Canadian Tire responsible for almost killing my family?

    Had a tire change at CT. Family driving on highway. Wheel falls off. Police notice there are not lugnuts on the wheel! Only plausible explanation: mechanic at CT forgot to put the lugnuts on the wheel. Called CT: they are denying it. Wtf do I do? (Family is alright)
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    stupid b**ch hit my son......

    THE worst store in all of Hamilton Ont, 777 Upperjames st beside Metro. My six year old son and I were at Canadian tire buying water and a lamp shade when all of a sudden some fat homley looking b**ch came charing out of the front room of the store with a change of till for one of the cash...