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    Meet Adam - Manager of Dalhousie Store in Calgary

    I would like you to meet Adam. Adam is a manager in Canadian Tire Dalhousie location in Calgary. A few minutes ago, Adam told me I'm a dick. That was his response to my request to explain why he wouldn't honor a price match guarantee on an inexpensive item. I thought something was wrong with...
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    Unwavering Policy over common sense

    About a year ago I had recently moved to a new area (for me). It was just outside the Edmonton Area, between Ardrossan and Sherwood Park. Working in Edmonton and commuting, that left Sherwood Park as my stop for what I need. It has a CT and a Walmart within 3 minutes walking distance. Both...
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    How to loose and p.... off a customer

    Wow... Bought a 3 tier metal rack from Canadian tire Sechelt... Got home assembled it and it had a broken rack... Took it back next day and bought another. At the same time there was another 4 tier rack on sale that I purchased as well. Doubtful that it would fit, I purchased anyway to have it...
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    Greetings From A Former Service Manager

    Hi, I'm a former Service Manager from a Northern Ontario Canadian Tire Store. I loved the job even though I was over qualified and it was low pay. I joined this forum a couple of years ago shortly after getting fired for confronting the store manager and head mechanic for taking money under the...
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    Fired For Being A Competent and Honest Service Manager

    I worked as a Service Manager for a Canadian Tire Store in Northern Ontario and it was a job I truly loved. But we were under staffed and my parts co-worker was incompetent and I had to constantly fix his computer and service errors. He was a major butt-kisser and had the store manager thinking...
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    Sherwood CT BAD Experience

    I usually shop at this CT store 169 Ordze Ave Sherwood Alberta , not a bad store I need Dim Light bulb for my Landrover, I went to Wye Road CT few days ago, and asked the Auto counter sales person for the bulb He checked the info and gave me H11 Bulb, I opened the Light and found that my SUV...
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    Overcharged for Labour

    This happened at the CT store auto repair shop on Sources Boulevard in DDO, QC. My husband and I watched through the Canadian Tire waiting room window as a mechanic replaced the alternator assembly on my vehicle. It took him a little under one hour and a half. We were shocked to see that the...
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    Disgusting Customer Service Experience at the Bolton Location

    My elderly parents (over the age of 65) made the mistake of buying a $500.00 lawn mower from this disgusting racist location where Steve, Trish and Michelle (racist) people work. My dad has recently had a triple by pass and wanted to purchase this mower because you could start it with a key...