Overcharged for Labour


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This happened at the CT store auto repair shop on Sources Boulevard in DDO, QC. My husband and I watched through the Canadian Tire waiting room window as a mechanic replaced the alternator assembly on my vehicle. It took him a little under one hour and a half. We were shocked to see that the invoice charged us 3 hours for that particular repair. We were only told AFTER THE FACT, that it was a flat rate and that we were liable to pay for the "estimate" (the invoice states it was an estimate), whether or not the mechanic took three hours or not. We spoke with the cashier and the auto service manager who both refused our claim. We paid the entire invoice under protest. Upon returning home, over the next few days I spoke with three Customer Service reps at CT Head Office, as well as with different levels of "case managers" and the CT store manager in question, all to no avail. I have sent CT a demand letter (mise en demeure) and will await (probably in vain) for CT to respond. We are very disappointed, since we have made many purchases at CT throughout the last 44 years, but this car repair was urgent (we had been towed from the highway) so had to resort to CT.


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As much as CT really does suck, the original poster is completely in the wrong here and needs to educate themselves on the flat rate system.