How to loose and p.... off a customer


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Wow... Bought a 3 tier metal rack from Canadian tire Sechelt... Got home assembled it and it had a broken rack... Took it back next day and bought another. At the same time there was another 4 tier rack on sale that I purchased as well. Doubtful that it would fit, I purchased anyway to have it at home if the measurements worked. They didn't... Lugged it back to store unopened. I guess when I was putting it in my truck the ground was wet so the corner of the cardboard box the metal rack was packaged in got wet. I didn't even notice. Cashier calls manager and its agreed it's defective and therefore cannot refund my money. Really? I talked to another manager who said they couldn't sell it... What? They sure have no problem selling defective stuff, but get that packaging wet... Now that's an issue! Manager claimed it would have to be thrown out. I'm still seething and have lost interest in wanting to shop there again.
I said why don't you just open it and have it on display... Some people like myself love buying things already assembled... On no, they couldn't do that.
Funny, last thing I took back was a brand new coffee pot that someone had actually used... There was brewed coffee in the carafe! Wonder how that managed to get back on the shelf for sale.
Crappy customer service, the odd time you get someone in there without attitude, now I see it comes from the top! Everything in that store I can find and buy elsewhere and that is precisely what I plan to do.

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Hi, Catherine:

Glad you finally clued in. So many Canadians still thinks CT is the last great place for "Easy Returns", but now that's just a saying on the wall, and not close to true.

Some have reported that their local store is still trying to keep customers happy (until the next Dealer takes over), but there is a general 'race to the bottom' for crappy, Dollorama-style policies.

Lots of people mistake CT stores for part of a national chain, but it's really just a bunch of independent stores / garages, and all they share is the advertising costs and catalogue to buy from. There is no real 'head office' that (ex)customers can turn to, when Dealers get lazy or greedy.

Tell your friends! Shatter the myth! They are fast becoming "Canada's Rip-Off Store".