Bait and Switch


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Last weeks flyer (week of Feb 4) listed a 29 LED shop work light on sale for $14.95. Magnetic base, hanging strong wire cable, a nice unit. Dropped in to get it, as I now refuse to go to the Napanee store, to find NO STOCK, but instead they had an end isle display of a 17 LED work light on sale for the same price. NO MAGNETIC BASE, and A PLASTIC HOOK. Clearly an inferior product.

I asked the Customer Services gal about the one in the flyer showing it to her. The computer showed none in stock and none ordered, BUT she did offer me a rain check.

I left, drove over to the Division street store and they had 7 of the correct items in the correct display.

I always wonder why such a difference in stores so close together. I guess no standards at all.