– FALSE DECEPTIVE INFORMATION on the Product Listed – DID NOT try to RESOLVE Customer Complaint

Derek Lewis

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I found the item “Gracious Living 8-Drawer White Tower” Product #142-2057-6, listed on on sale for 1/2 of its Regular Price: $59.99 – Sale Price is $29.99. On September 3, 2018, it showed that they have 7 in stock. That same day, knowing that they have it, I went to their store located at: 250 Silver Linden Drive Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4W7 905-731-3100 I went to aisle # 52 as mentioned on their site, and couldn’t find the items. I went to customer service and spoke to Taz, she confirmed that her system also shows they have 7 in stock. When I informed her that there is none, she paged for a sales associate to meet me in aisle# 52, who told me, “Yeah sorry, I know the system is showing we have 7, the manager is aware of this issue, he’s been looking for them and can’t find them”. I went back to Taz again, I told her what the sales associate said. I requested a rain check, but, she refused to give me one and said this is because the store shows that this item is in stock that’s why she can’t give me a rain check. I said, “Yes it shows you have stock on both your website listing and your local store system, however, you don’t have the physical item available!, therefore you should give me a rain check, I lost time, cost of gas and milage”. She said she can’t give any rain checks. I told her that I don’t agree with her decision and this is deceptive/false advertising, I came from afar all the way to the store only to find out they have none in stock. I asked for a store manager, Yonie came, and told him exactly the same thing, he said he can’t give me a rain check. They did not even offer to call other stores for me, to check which store has this in stock. I believe this is one of Canadian Tire’s way to bring customers to their store - False Deceptive Advertising. So, when customers come for something, they buy other things at the same time. I advised Taz and Yonie that I will post this story public and will also contact the head office, they said that’s fine and it’s my right to do that. CANADIAN TIRE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE! SEARCH CANADIAN TIRE REVIEWS OR CANADIAN TIRE COMPLAINTS on google to read what people say about Canadian Tire. CANADIAN TIRE PRODUCT LISTINGS ARE MISLEADING.


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Happens in Waterloo, ON Weber St. N. location. The staff does put in an effort to locate products. Sometimes they are still in an unopened delivery box and not yet on the shelf. On the odd occasion, had to find it for them. At the very least, their inventory control system needs to be tightened up a notch to track items after they have been received and then when the shelves have been stocked. If the staff can't keep up then maybe technology can be used.

Another method used is to order online and let them do the searching. Sometimes they cancel, but the order is resubmitted until they adjust their inventory so it can;t be ordered or find the item.