1. C

    Return Policies: Do Customers Want More Restrictions, or More Options

    Some of the other threads are getting clogged up with claims from The S-Angria-Troll, that consumers themselves don't actually want retailers to take things back, if the customer is genuinely unsatisfied with a product (that doesn't suit their needs, is too noisy, was poorly designed, doesn't...
  2. S

    consumer relations and suggestions

    I have worked at a CT for 5 years now in western Canada, and I have seen the good service and the crappy. I musy say, the store I work at is quite good at honoring and correcting customer complaints regarding price discrepancies, flyer stock being in stock, rainchecks honored months after...
  3. O

    CT Home Installation - Run far away!

    Canadian Tire Home Installation (Ontario) does garage door openers, heating and cooling installations. We did the garage door installation. People, DON'T USE THEM. Run away! The garage door installation is hanging by an extension cord. Whaaaa? Now we need an electrician to complete the work...
  4. C

    Canadian Tire Sucks at: Pre-Sales Customer Service - Where are they? Can't They Help?

    There are an awful lot of stories on this site and others that describe the terrible experiences of customers trying to get help in Canadian Tire stores, even BEFORE they buy something. To get the thread rolling, here's an interesting blog. It's a couple of years old, but it's still true today...
  5. B

    Canadian Tire profit drops two per cent in last quarter

    Canadian Tire continues in a downward trend. Stock price drops again to $ 67.31 from a high of $ 87.39....and Target hasn't even opened yet. "TORONTO - Canadian Tire Corp. Ltd. (TSX:CTC) has reported a small increase in fourth-quarter revenue, but also an almost two per cent drop in net profit...
  6. Ramou

    Sign at the Customer Service desk

    Waiting in line at the customer "service" desk, my spidersence kicked in when I saw the paper posted to the back of a computer screen for customers to read: "your conversation will be recorded . . ." (I forget the rest, something about abuse, or maybe everyone's "protection") I realize now that...
  7. Ramou


    Hello, as with everyone here, I've had an inexcusably bad experience at CT. In my case, trying to return defective goods. The clerks were treating me like a liar and a theif. I had to phone customer service on my cell while standing in front of the assistant "manager" while he was texting his...
  8. M

    Bait and Switch

    Last weeks flyer (week of Feb 4) listed a 29 LED shop work light on sale for $14.95. Magnetic base, hanging strong wire cable, a nice unit. Dropped in to get it, as I now refuse to go to the Napanee store, to find NO STOCK, but instead they had an end isle display of a 17 LED work light on sale...
  9. C

    Canadian Tire Sucks at Oil Changes - Overpriced, Incompetent, Incomplete, Damage, etc.

    This is yet another area in which Canadian Tire excels ... at sucking, that is. I was inspired by this post on the Mapleview thread: Here's what...
  10. B

    Need an oil change or maintenance? AVOID MAPLEVIEW DR. BARRIE LOCATION

    I just got back from having an oil change done at the Mapleview Dr. Canadian Tire location. After waiting over an hour to have the change done in an EMPTY garage and signing what I assumed would be the price I would pay, I was shown the bill that was around $15 more than the price agreed upon...
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    Canadian Tire Sucks at Sales - Not Enough Stock - Bait & Switch?

    A common complaint across the country is that Canadian Tire stores advertise items at attractive sale prices, but those stores don't carry sufficient stock. People come for the sale items, but the can't get any. They might be tempted to just buy a similar item at a higher price. And while...
  12. D

    hello everyone

    Hope this forum strightens out (not likely) Canadian tire Chelmsford Branch hwy 144 Very poor customer service and management. x
  13. A

    canadian tire napanee, my phone goes missing!

    I was just at the crappy tire on center street napanee and got an oil change on my 2012 focus and left my cell phone in the car thinking I wouldn't need it and also that I could trust a big reputable company like them and my phone went missing in their care. not sure what to do the managers...
  14. C

    Join the Boycott - People Who Pledge to Never Go To Canadian Tire Again

    I've noticed a steady stream of fellow Canadians who stating their intention to boycott Canadian Tire. Some say they will not come back until things change, but most say they will never come back. Here's a place to start making a long, long list!
  15. T

    Can I assume Canadian Tire has taken over this site?

    Posts are being moderated and there is nothing new since 2010? Why not just remove the site from the Internet. This makes C-T look really, really bad. I hope this is just someone else trying to make C-T look bad. That's jackhole behavior. If C-T deserves to be publicly burned, so be it. If...
  16. C

    Canadian Tire Sucks at Bicycles - Can't return once assembled, won't stand behind them

    This has been on my mind for a while, and with spring hopefully making an appearance in a few months, we can all help get the word out early! This was posted on Canadian Tire's own Facebook page, on this warm-for-mid-January night (only -5!): Jim Hiebert: Watch out for Canadian Tire! I bought...
  17. A

    ex canadiantire auto service apprentice

    I worked at the #304 shop for my 1st and half of 2nd year apprenticeship. I have seen countless amount of bullshit during the time I worked there, but I will just give out a few examples. A customer had a concern about his heater not blowing hot. I looked at the vehicles and determined that...
  18. C

    Canadian Tire Sucks at Auto Repairs - Unnecessary, over-priced, incompetent, incorrect and incomplete!

    There certainly are a lot of complaints about automotive repairs at Crappy Tire stores. This thread can be a place to collect the many stores of unnecessary repairs and over-charging. As well there are stories of incompetence, and also incorrect and incomplete repairs. For stories about tire...
  19. R

    Drive 2 Hours To Be Told to Come Back Another Day!!

    So... I'm going to just post my complaint letter which explains the incident and shows what I've done about it. Will keep you updated! To whom it may concern: I have been a loyal customer of Canadian Tire for many, many years and have experienced excellent service almost every time I have...
  20. T

    customer service l Leamington ont.

    the custumer service in Leamington ont. really stinks no service what so ever they sold me a floor model gps that went bad the first 60 days after paying 230 dollars............ I will never never Shop at ct tire Leamington again ....shame on you: