Can I Sue Canadian Tire?


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I went to Canadian Tire in December to have my Power Steering Frame replaced because it was leaking power steering fluid. They replaced it and it ended costing me around 1300 bucks.

After it being replaced I noticed it was still leaking, so I took it back (within 100 days). They said that it was because they forgot to tighten a bolt and that they fixed it free of charge. I then noticed it was still leaking, but had to leave to the country due to a vacation I had planned. When I got back into Canada I got home to a garage floor covered in power steering fluid. I took the car back into Canadian Tire where the manager himself told me "We installed a faulty part", he then told me that the part was still under warranty, but the labor wasn't. I told him I would get back to him because I had to speak to my dad about the issue.

We decided that we would just install the part our selves, but after asking for the part they told me I need to pay $600 for the part and that I would get my money back when I return the old part. They also told me I could only get this part at the that Candian Tire store. My dad was going to install the part for me, but he lives 9 hours away so I'm not inclined to pay 600 bucks to move parts across the province.

So instead, I filed a complaint with the Canadian Tire customer service department. They just got back to me today and told me that they wouldn't be covering anything, that I have to pay for the part or I won't get the part. They also told me that they don't have to fix the car free of charge, and then started trying to take back what the manager said about the part being installed faulty.

I find the entire situation utterly stupid. Why would I even have to pay a dime out of my pocket for a mistake they made. How could they install a faulty part, unless they didn't inspect the part to begin with.

Anyways, my question is could I sue? What are my chances with something like this? I live in Ontario if that helps.


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I believe that the 600$ they are requesting is for the "core charge" for the original part that was removed from the vehicle. Either that or, unfortunately your 100 day labor warranty is up.


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There wouldnt be a $600 core charge on almost anything...Take it to another shop [licensed mech] pay him to access whether its their fault.Keep all your bills.Go back to CT with the paperwork talk to the Service Manager...Explain you are going to sue them for all your loss...If he doesnt help you out....Sue the store.....How to win in court is another issue but if they are in fact at fault you will win!