Canadian tire botched brake job (brake failure incident)

Arlene Longson

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CANADIAN TIRE BRAKE JOB NIGHTMARE, WILLIAMS LAKE STORE - I recently had the brake pads on my 1993 Ford Ranger replaced by Canadian Tire, in Williams Lake, British Columbia. After driving for a few months, and right after traveling a 300 km trip and down a severe canyon they call Sheep's Creek Canyon, I rolled into a Walmart parking lot and my brakes were gone, there were none at all. I barely was able to navigate into a parking situation. Brake fluid was all over the pavement. I went to Canadian Tire and told the service department my brakes were gone. They told me to tow my truck with my camper on it, down this horrible hill to them, but I could not, because it would have damaged everything in my camper, and why should I pay for a tow when they could come and see my truck themselves. They would not come. I sat for four days in a parking lot with no ablility to drive anywhere. Another professional brake guy came and examined my brake and told me the caliper had blown because the brake pads were the wrong ones for my truck and slid out of place, and were jammed in betwen the rotor and some other part. I was informed that I was lucky to be alive, and that the brake job CANADIAN TIRE had done, was done wrong with the wrong parts.

After returning to Canadian Tire, they told the brake guy he had to bring in the old pads to trade them to get new ones, He did, and Canadian Tire immediately disposed of the old pads knowing full well that they should have kept them for proof of a botched brake job they did. Well, I guess they didn't want any proof laying around. The pads promptly disappeared and Canadian Tire denied they had been the wrong pads, even though my new brake guy knew the parts guy in Canadian Tire and he could vouch for the qualifications of my new brake guy's assessment.

Several times, Canadian Tire service employees denied any wrong doing but finally the service manager admitted wrong-doing and was willing to make partial compensation. He went upstairs and spoke with the new owner of the store and that man came down and flaty refused as the service manager stood looking-on. The new owner's arrogance and coldness sent a chill up my spine and made the hairs on my neck stand on end. He refused to refund my money for the bad brake job. He said, if I wanted he would allow me some service time in the shop, which would mean I would have to spend money on a job of some sort to get the service time. I told him Canadian Tire would not be allowed to work on my truck ever again. He still refused any compensation. So, once they have eaten your money, no matter what, they will not give it back. It's a win-win for him. He gets away without any legal repercussions regarding my bad brakes, does not refund anything, and at the same time encourages me to spend more money in his shop so that I can redeem his offering of a small service credit! Not going to happen! I am furious. Canadian Tire devoured my money, almost killed me, and takes no responsibility. DO NOT ALLOW CANADIAN TIRE TO EVER FIX YOUR VEHICLE. YOU COULD BE KILLED, AND THEY KNOW HOW TO COVER THEIR TRAIL. THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL AT THAT, OBVIOUSLY HAVING A LOT OF EXPERIENCE. I also wonder, how many dead people let Canadian Tire fix their brakes. Silenced, never to be able to tell anyone!


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Arlene N.L.: I did what you asked, emailed your customer service last night and still no reply from you about resolving the failure of your brake job. Media and I am thinking I have enough evidence for a lawyer now. Any response or do I take the next step?

Arlene N.L.: It appears I have wasted my time yet again. Canadian Tire tells me to contact them via their customer service email address, and so I did, last night. As of now, mid day the next day, I have had zero response from Canadian
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