Faulty puncture fix - (second time with a problem at Canadia Tire)


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In May 2010, I took my car for an oil change at CT's Northside edmonton (Fort Road) store to get an oil change. I waited about an hour and half. A few days after I noticed fresh oil spilt on my parking lot. Didnt think much of it, Maybe someone was messing around on my lot. On further inspection and monitoring, I realized it was my car leaking badly. I took it back and they found that they had left my oil tank leaking! If I had waited for a couple more days or so, my engine would have knocked. I accepted their apologies, stuff happens, we are not perfect.

Fast forward, August 2010, I took my tire for a puncture fix at the Calgary Trail store (39 sreet). I left it over night, running on my spare. After picking t up the next day, I did not want to wait for half hour for them to install it. I took it home and put it myself. What do you know, the tire was half deflated and was still leaking air with a loud hiss!

I had to miss several appointments, I had to waste too much time putting the tires on and off..... this is THE LAST TIME IM TAKING MY CAR THERE.

Mechanics there seem to work with no regard to quality work.... DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF TAKING YOUR CAR THERE