HI to all from Whitehorse Yukon


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I'm joining this website to share my worst experience ever with Canadian Tire in Whitehorse. I got ripped off big time and filing a claim in
Yukon Small Claims Court for $5983.80. The automotive service department were unable to fix the problem, and left my vehicle abandoned in their parking lot and only offered a partial refund of less than $1000.
That's horrible! They claim to have real mechanics / technicians, but mostly they seem to us untrained and poorly supervised kids. Countless stories of wheels falling off just down the road from a Dis-Service Center, etc.
Thanks CT Challenger, you are so right. I have prepared my Statement of Claim to be filed in Yukon Courts on Monday, July 18th, 2016.
I will hold them accountable with litigation for ourselves and hopefully help out all the other victims of unethical business practices.
We will NEVER shop at Canadian Tire at any store in Canada. We have learnt a pricey lesson. I want them before a judge to plead their
Defence; we are looking forward to a trial in to future, stay tuned folks. I will keep you all updated. Thanks for this website and all supporters.