Funny but True Canadian Tire stories


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I thought we should put ridiculous Canadian Tire stories here. I have three, the first one sounds like a joke but it was not.

1) When mosquito magnet first came out, Canadian Tire was a dealer. I was curious, even though they were costly. I asked the local manager how well they worked. He said "I have had NO returns!".
I went one week later. The same manager said "I have still had NO returns!". Impressed, I coughed up the approximately $500.00 as I was concerned about West Nile virus (this was the year several Torontonians were very sick and/or died).
I used it for the return period less a day. There was ONLY ONE mosquito inside it, but several were outisde of it and I got bitten by three of them as I examined it.
When I went to return it, the returns desk had to get the manager.
He said "SORRY, I DON'T ACCEPT RETURNS ON THIS ITEM!". (rim shot needed here).
He was serious.
I have his signature on the back of the bill. It was 2004 at the Sheppard and Leslie Canadian Tire.
If anyone wants verification, I will give the bill and my personal information in a private message.
I did not pursue this as I came down with a serious illness that took the medical professional 9 months to diagnose. hmmm. I wonder if it was really West-Nile virus.

2) When I was a child I was excited when my parents bought me my first "real" downhill snow skiis with metal edges and mechanical bindings, from Canadian Tire.
We went to Mont Gabrielle in Quebec. I skiied down the hill, but got stock about half-way down. We went into the repair shop. We looked at the bottom of the skiis. The black base of the skiis had completely worn down by this point, leaving bare wood which gripped the snow very tightly. That was why I was stuck. These skiis lasted one half of one run. I think the base was either just painted on or was wax.

3) about two years ago, Canadian Tire had a sale on laser levels. Seeings as I had to mount some paintings and shelves on a wall, I decided that the $10 or $20 dollars was real bargain for an automatic laser level that was accurate to 0.1mm per 1m (according tot he package).
When i tried it out, the laser was about 15 degrees off of horizontal. OK, this one is not funny, but that is ridiculous. I could be pissed drunk and eye-ball it much better than their laser-level.
Hey, David:

Those stories are pretty good. The first story sounds like one of those misrepresentations that CT is so famous for - make it sound like there are no returns because it's a good product, then when it's too late, you find out there are no returns because they are ripping people off!

I think the most outrageous thing I've heard previously, is when people have returned an unopened box (which is about the only time you can count on a refund). The Returns Clerks have been known to open the box "just to check", then refuse to give a refund because (drum roll, please!) "The box has been opened"!
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