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Long story short - got my tires replaced at Canadian Tire and not long after, one of my tires came off my truck while driving, rolled down the road while my truck came to a skidding stop on the shoulder.

I got it towed back to Canadian Tire, they admitted fault and offered to make it right. The next day I was told that they made repairs so it's driveable but I would need to go back to get the rim replaced and then get the body work done. They handed me the keys and told me it was "repaired"....luckily I inspected it in the parking lot before I went inside and noticed they replaced the tire but it was still missing a nut!

Anyway, I had to take it back a total of three times to get the necessary repairs done (they covered all costs).

I requested compensation for the diminished value of the vehicle (who knows what type of internal damage it suffered while skidding down the road?) and my time/inconvenience. The CT store and Customer Relations seems to think that's worth a $100 gift card.

Off to small claims I go....


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same thing happened to me, however i haven’t heard back from anyone re compensation
also considering small claims......


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I paid them to assemble a bike for my son and on the first run the wheel came off. My wife's jaw dropped when the assembler/ tester crashed. Good thing I tested it at the store otherwise I would've missed the chance to get a refund. I never did go through with it. The manager argued with me over the canceled purchase because of quality and safety of the bike. Right after it fell apart. We left.

I wonder if they put the defect back on display?
I do feel you about the loss of your tire and the crap that followed, but I don't think small claims will do anything about your time and the car losing value...I really don't. THey did do all the repaires...hopefully and Im sure they paid the bill for any kind of body damage but, for them to actually give you more money, I really doubt it.

If you do try, let me know how it went.