Thank you DavidLeR for your reply, very much appreciated.
As you suggested I contacted the "Consumer Contact Centre". They said that the only way I would be able to return the equipment would be through the Small Claims Court. But before I did my last call to the CT Customer Service (1-866-746-7287) and I mentioned that I was calling for the last time. And that I had no option but to take to the Small Claims Court. He put me on hold , trying to reach the manager from the store here in Calgary. After few minutes he said that he was unable to reach the manager. And the answer to my questions was NO, WE WILL NOT TAKE THE TREADMILL BACK, please contact the manufacturer TEMPO FITNESS.
Next day I went initially to register to make a "company search" (cost me $16 for a full search) just to make sure I had the right company name. The name I found for the Canadian Tire 326 was C.HEAD LIMITED. After that I went to the Court House were I filled out the forms and paid the $100 fee.
I was suggested to use as defendant name "C. HEAD LIMITED operating as Canadian Tire 326". With the papers I went to Canada Post to "serve the documents" mailing by registered mail. Then I went back to the Court House, gave them the receipt from the postal office and signed another document attesting that I mailed the documents to the defendant.
Few days after the manger from CT called me and said "no problem, you can bring the EVOLVE TREADMILL back for a refund". Today I finally gave that piece of junk back to CT and had my refund.
They just don't care if you are saying that they are going to be sued. Until they get the Court papers they will not do anything. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
For anyone considering to buy an item from TEMPO FITNESS I would say that you are looking for trouble.
Even CT have trouble reaching them. Try to reach their customer service before you make a purchase.
Thank you DavidLeR for your reply to my post.

And I will never do any purchase at CT again.

Consumer Contact Centre. Toll-free in Alberta 1-877-427-4088
Civil (Small Claims Court)
Thanks for the update. See my reply in the "EVOLVE TREADMILL,TEMPO" thread.

Awaiting the counter-attacks from the CT Defenders ...
Hi Gory,

Do you have Statement of Claims for the CT?
If you don't mind could you please send it to me?