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Here is the info for the last place on the planet you want to have your brakes done at : Canadian Tire

My Canadian Tire Store:
J7A 4B4

Here's my Brief Story ...

5 Days ago - after noticing my brakes had issues - After all these years, I went back to Canadian Tire because they are close, big and I didn't know the smaller garages in the new small city I moved in.

I just bought my Van and knew it would need some work. I got an incredible deal and didn't mind spending a few bucks on it. Plus - the seller gave me 5 years of receipts for all the things he has done on the van since he owned it. Many, and most of the bigger things were serviced at Canadian Tire - still under warranty.

So - I figured - I hate Canadian Tire - but seeing they did almost everything on this van - why not bring it back to someone that knows it well. What A Mistake!!!!

$1000 In Brakes. But! To be honest - I didn't care - and I already expected Canadian Tire would suggest this. After all - A flat tire at Canadian Tire, will end up resulting in a repair that will somehow cost you $500 or more - we all know this.

I just figured - Oh Well - at least I won't have to worry about the brakes, and once again Canadian Tire has done the work on this van. So I'm safe.

OMG! As soon as I picked up my van - I knew I should have suspected something after the man at the counter suggested I baby the brakes for the first 200km.

Just so you know - My brakes were changed from bumper to bumper. Calibers, name it.
The man even told me - new from front to back. 1 year on this - 2 years on that.


Day 1 - The brakes squeeled like a sick pig. The ABS was gone. After about 30 minutes of driving - the shaking in my van was incredible. Then ...

Day 2 - it got scary. The van started slamming on the brakes when I just touched them at about 100km/hr. At low speed during the 15 traffic, the brakes will just keep grabbing as if they are installed lop-sided. There was is a pull to the right when I touch the brakes.

( I figure this is the adjustment period I was told about - so I let it go - after nearly 50 bumper crashes or lose of direction due to brake pull on highway 15 )

They told me to ride until about 200km to allow the breaks to settle.

Well - Day 5 - Nothing got better - Just worse! Now - at stop signs - I tap my brakes and they skid! No ABS what-so-ever! The peddle pushes to the floor when warmed up - and let me tell you - at 100km/hr on Highway 15 - when you have to hit the brakes - even just to slow down - and they either Grind and Miss - or Slam On - while squeeling like a sick pig - Thats scary stuff.

At this point - between the grinding, the squeeling, the shifting and the rattling - and No ABS - I think my ware-in time has expired - Back to the shop. Lucky I wasn't killed or killed someone.

You'd figure - For $1000 - I'd stop on a time and drive like a Cadillac.

I show'd up at Canadian Tire friday night - 5ish (open till 9) with the van, my warranty in hand. I explained my situation and was really nice about the whole nightmare. The man at the service department was really undrerstanding and cool. He told me if I left my van with him tonight - it would all be cleared up the next day.


The next day - I waited till about 4pm to call - cause I didn't hear anything from Canadian Tire. When I did call - The woman from the auto service department was super sweet, and told me that ,my van was on the lift - she was looking at it at this very moment, and after I told her I absolutely needed my van for work, she Promised me it would be ready by Sunday morning Max!

I told her I understood - things happen - but under no circumstances could it be latter than Sunday. So I let it slide again.

It's sunday at about 2pm - No word from Canadian Tire. I call. Now I am transfered to a mechanic. I ask about the progress on my van and when I can pick it up. He tells me, we are over-booked - and that he hasn't even had the time to look at it yet! I said - what are you talking about - if I would have known that you didn't have the time - I would have never lost the weekend without my van - and brought it back when you had the time.

I also told him - the lady said she looked at my van on the list - and it was being repaired as we spoke. He told me he was the only mechanic availible that weekend and he never lifted a Astro or any other van.

NOW - I'm Pissed! The man at the desk Friday lied to me. The lady at the desk lied to me. My Van is still screwed up - and there is no solution in sight. I want my van out of there now! I can not afford to lose a days work because of these lies.

I'm back at Canadian Tire
My Canadian Tire Store:
J7A 4B4

The woman that serves me is the woman I spoke to on the phone. The one who told me she was watching the van being repaired on the lift as we spoke. I know this, because I find out she is the boss and I recognise her voice very well - after all - as she told me before I informed her of my previous days phone call, she was there all day. Oooops - The lier in the flesh.

After I told her about the call the previous day - she then remembered - there was a few seconds where she stepped away from the desk. But, the other mistake she made was, all the other guys I witnessed answering the service department phone's are male. Oooops again.

At this point - I told her I was fedup of their lies ... and that I wanted a report made to me as to when I brough my van in and when I decided to remove it. I also wanted my reasons why included on the document.

I lied and said - my brother was a lawyer and needed this to protect myself in case of a future accident caused from their neglect.

As soon as I said that - the bells in her head went off! She almost begged for me to leave my van, she promised all the parts were in stock and that she herself, would personally watch over the repairs to make sure they were done correctly.

I insisted on my letter anyhow - witch she carefully worded as I watched.
In french she basically wrote :

Client is picking up his vehicle sunday.
The vehicle was not verified and the client does not have the time to wait longer.
The vehicle has been here for 2 complete days and 1 night
and it has never been looked at. Therefor the client has no more confidence in us.

I then told her as I watched her write this note - that is not the facts.
I do have the time to wait - I am just fedup with the lies is what i told her.
I explained once again nicely - if I would have known the van would not be ready this weekend - I would have waited untill there was more time.

I explained once again - that the lady (her) on the phone promised it would be ready by Sunday. And I asked if this could be included on the report .... that's when she pushed all the buttons. She said she would include this complaint on the list - but the parts are in now - and she wpould assure me her mechanics would jump on my van now! She was very convincing.

I told her I didn't believe my van would be ready, that there would be more lies. She promised me that if the van would not be ready by morning - that she herself would rent me a van for work. She then told me to take her mechanic for a drive to see what the problems are. I agree'd.

After not even 5 minutes of driving with the mechanic - not the same guy that actaully 'Repaired' my brakes, he said he felt problems. This is were I surprised him - I told him - I spoke to others - and it could be my drums were installed backwords, he agree'd. I then mentioned maybe my sping was never installed, he agree'd. I also mention, maybe my brakes were never bled after a $1000 job, he said with older vehicles - that's not always needed!

I will remind you - $1000 brajejob - front to back new! Monro
And might not have bled the brakes???????

Anyhow - He was cool - he told me if it was him - he'd change everything from front to back again. instead of looking for a defected part. He told me it's possible I just had a bad batch - it happens. He also informed me - they might not change it all - they might just change what they see bad - he does not know what the original mechanic did. Nor, can he make that call.

Well - I haven"t decided yet if I will allow Canadian Tire to make this repair. They are Blackballed in my Books. IO'm going to sit on this a few days. By the way - I also asked the mechanic is there was an immediate danger if I continued to use my van .... I said - break lock, parts falling off, no brakes, anything ... I did/do not want to be heald responisble if somone gets killed because of Canadian Tire's faulty break job. I was assured there was no such possibilty.

On Another Note : I also told the boss - that I was goibg to get my brakes serviced by a brake specialist instead. She was qyuck to let me know that if there was any problems with the installed parts, bring them back and that she herself would make the exception to refund me - even though under normal Canadian Tire warranty - that would not be an option.

I then asked her - what about the labor I paid?
She replied - I know it was done perfectly.

Meaning - No dice on the labor - even though the brake job sucked. After all, she knows it was done perfectly! Just like my van was on the lift when it never was.

Stay Tuned :

To Allow Canadian Tire to Fix This or .....
All Hell Brakes Lose - Get it :p


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get it fixed at the store .. that's your warranty option if you don't like it call the Corporation customer service ..