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Today I went to the store on Appleby Line in Burlington to return a couple of recalled items. The CS staff called Aarti a senior manager to come as they had no clue. I overheard her tell them to issue me a store credit without asking or advising me. This is policy if you return a non recalled item without a receipt. I told the staff will accept cash or CC refund. They always say the one that it was purchased on but that's not always the case in that you may have not purchased it with a credit card and or you may not have it anymore..Aarti raised the volume and tone of her voice insisting ii is the process. I advised she was wrong, despite believing as a SM she knows the process and is just lying as I am familiar with her demographic and lying. They never did ask me how much I paid for it only when I bought it which I gave them an estimate. They did not give me the full amount that I paid for it but I was used it and it was within a $10 each so I didn't argue it. I've had other stores try to lie about the amount of the refund allowed and other requirements such as providing identification, address and such. I had already emailed head office to determine the process before I went there fully well knowing franchise locations are frequently inconsistent and staffed with poorly trained, incompetent, rude, arrogant and dishonest staff. Instead if asking me how I know this and looking at the email I have from corporate and been expedient they made me wait for them to call store support. I was more than happy to wait to hear them get told but more importantly they've alerted corporate that they are deficient. Aarti (Hindu Love for God) disappeared without apologizing for her behavior. Pretty sad when your customers know more about the process than your Senior Management. I was going to buy a new one of the items I returned +$200 but since Aarti tried to prevent me from earning points on my CC and attempted to profit on the retuned funds I ensured the store wouldn't.
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Sorry to hear about your bad experience at the Canadian Tire store in Burlington. It sounds like you encountered some problems with the staff and how they handle your return. It’s sad when customer service fails as expected.

It is important for store employees, especially senior managers, to provide accurate information and respond to customer concerns in a professional manner. It seems that Aarti's attitude was unsatisfactory and the way she came back was not genuine.

Customer service discrepancies can be frustrating, and it’s good that you’ve already contacted head office to hear the right way. It is frustrating when employees are not properly trained or behave in a rude and dishonest manner.

Your decision to no longer buy from the store is understandable given the circumstances. Hopefully, store management will take your comments seriously and address the issues you encountered to ensure a positive customer experience in the future.

If you haven’t already done so, you may want to consider replying to Canadian Tire customer service directly or sharing your experience in their official channels. This way, they can identify the incident and take appropriate action to improve their services.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions on this special in-store experience. Gold Whatsapp