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    Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd. Contact List

    Are you looking for a contact list to contact Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd. Well here it is I saw some one in the suggestion area suggested suggested this contact list. I had a lot of contacts for Canadian Tire already. These are working as of April 12 2024. Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd...
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    What's so special about Tupperware products?

    Tupperware products are one of a kind. They help keep your food fresh for a long time. Tupperware bowls are excellent to carry with you when you go out. Thanks to their air and liquid tight seal you don’t have to worry about your food leaking from the container and spilling all in your bag. Made...
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    Which brand tires are best?

    Hi EVeryone. I am looking to change my car tires and want a better brand tire. I required your suggestions. Which brand tire has god grip?
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    Meet Adam - Manager of Dalhousie Store in Calgary

    I would like you to meet Adam. Adam is a manager in Canadian Tire Dalhousie location in Calgary. A few minutes ago, Adam told me I'm a dick. That was his response to my request to explain why he wouldn't honor a price match guarantee on an inexpensive item. I thought something was wrong with...
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    Canadian Tire Sheppard and Leslie

    If a flyer clearly says 25.00 gift card or 50.00 gift card with purchase...and you can go back as many t imes as you want provided you spend the 100.00 or 200.00 requirement...what is the problem..when you get parts on the car you clearly are entitled to the gift card per 100.00 in 2015. I...
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    Never buy a Lawnmowers from Canadian Tire

    Canadian Tire doesn't support their product they sell! I purchased a "Yard Works" battery operated lawnmower four years ago and it worked well only the batteries were of poor quality. Every year I had to purchase a new battery, which are very expensive $112.99 incl. Taxes. Because the...
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    industrial espionage

    just a thought folks.we have all heard of industrial wondering whether the ceos and directors of canadian tire are secretly employees of either wal mart or costco,and are totally wrecking the once glamorous company from the top?just a thought...
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    Job Application

    Well, I came across this board while looking to make a official complaint to Canadian Tire head office but since they apparently don't have a means of doing so I'll vent here. I work 9-5 but I am desperately in need of evening and weekend employment. There is a Canadian Tire right across the...
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    CT Home Installation - Run far away!

    Canadian Tire Home Installation (Ontario) does garage door openers, heating and cooling installations. We did the garage door installation. People, DON'T USE THEM. Run away! The garage door installation is hanging by an extension cord. Whaaaa? Now we need an electrician to complete the work...
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    Hello to everyone ... its about tires ..

    Hello to everyone from BC: The administrator of this site assures me the software they use to run it is top notch and that only the users are faulty. Lets agree to disagree for now. As you can see I am a bit out of sorts, because for me, it is all about tires. 2 March, 2013 I live in...
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    Canadian Tire Sucks at: Pre-Sales Customer Service - Where are they? Can't They Help?

    There are an awful lot of stories on this site and others that describe the terrible experiences of customers trying to get help in Canadian Tire stores, even BEFORE they buy something. To get the thread rolling, here's an interesting blog. It's a couple of years old, but it's still true today...
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    Canadian Tire profit drops two per cent in last quarter

    Canadian Tire continues in a downward trend. Stock price drops again to $ 67.31 from a high of $ 87.39....and Target hasn't even opened yet. "TORONTO - Canadian Tire Corp. Ltd. (TSX:CTC) has reported a small increase in fourth-quarter revenue, but also an almost two per cent drop in net profit...
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    Sign at the Customer Service desk

    Waiting in line at the customer "service" desk, my spidersence kicked in when I saw the paper posted to the back of a computer screen for customers to read: "your conversation will be recorded . . ." (I forget the rest, something about abuse, or maybe everyone's "protection") I realize now that...
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    Canadian Tire Contest Suggestion

    A proposed Canadian Tire contest: Sincerely, Matt
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    Hello, as with everyone here, I've had an inexcusably bad experience at CT. In my case, trying to return defective goods. The clerks were treating me like a liar and a theif. I had to phone customer service on my cell while standing in front of the assistant "manager" while he was texting his...
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    Canadian Tire Sucks at Oil Changes - Overpriced, Incompetent, Incomplete, Damage, etc.

    This is yet another area in which Canadian Tire excels ... at sucking, that is. I was inspired by this post on the Mapleview thread: Here's what...
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    Need an oil change or maintenance? AVOID MAPLEVIEW DR. BARRIE LOCATION

    I just got back from having an oil change done at the Mapleview Dr. Canadian Tire location. After waiting over an hour to have the change done in an EMPTY garage and signing what I assumed would be the price I would pay, I was shown the bill that was around $15 more than the price agreed upon...
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    Canadian Tire Sucks at Sales - Not Enough Stock - Bait & Switch?

    A common complaint across the country is that Canadian Tire stores advertise items at attractive sale prices, but those stores don't carry sufficient stock. People come for the sale items, but the can't get any. They might be tempted to just buy a similar item at a higher price. And while...
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    I am just finished registering and am interested if anyone knows if and where I may be able to buy a drill chuck for the jobmate drill press modle 55-5901-6. I also have the little bandsaw that was a promotion 3 yrs. ago and need sawblades for it. I was very unhappy with the saw as the blades...
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    hello everyone

    Hope this forum strightens out (not likely) Canadian tire Chelmsford Branch hwy 144 Very poor customer service and management. x