Sarnia Canadian Tire Sucks


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My husband worked at Canadian Tire Sarnia for 10 years ..and would never rip you off.
A new manger came aboard and he became stressed out.
Long story husband ended up having a stroke at work and THEY SENT HIM his truck.
He worked 6 hrs not being able to get his cars on the hoist. Numbness in his arm, face drooping. He thought
he had Bells Palsy but really if you are acting strange and don't know what your doing, you would hope
someone would call 911. I was at work.. So not knowing left from right my husband drove to his mothers where
she found him hiding??? And you let him drive???
He has some difficulties now and asked to be transferred into sales. NO they didn't.
So this same manger fires him because he made 1 mistake after 10 yrs of honest service. No severance or F all.
May have called in sick a sum of 3 times in 10 yrs.
He refused to up sell and he knows that was a problem and he would take off charges that he knew where not right.
Screw you CT you have literally ruined our lives. If you would have called 911 my husband may not have so many health issues.
I will NEVER go into that store again!!!
Also recently a guy drove a car through the bay doors and someone else dropped a truck off a hoist. And to top that another guy left a torch burning all night .. wtg and you fired MY husband?????????


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I'm very sorry to hear about your husband, and the irresponsible way he was treated. I do hope things work out for you, with his medical issues.

I also have to say, those photographs are quite amusing, too, although I worry that the Associate Dealer didn't make it right again for those customers, either.

Rest assured, that word is getting out about the terrible thing these people do to their employees, customers, and also customers' vehicles.


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prayers to your family. I also used to work at a ct store, but Langley. I experienced verbal abuse and harrassment, even 3 years after I quit! I quit there and one of the supervisors bf's even harrassed me again on facebook with hate speech. yeah I'm not surprised, CT is such a horrible company