i wouldnt do it


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i worked in a shop at a canadian tire garage doing tire repairs and installs etc and was told to look at an elderly ladys car as she was in for no power issues. i tested the battery and it was weak so i gave it a charge and tested it again and it would,nt hold a charge. the levels were ok so i determined it was bad plates so she bought another battery and i used my employee discount to save her some money. i was brought aside by the manager that told me to tell her that she needed an alternator at over 300 dollars and i said no because that was wrong and he said if i didnt do it my hours would be cut to next to nothing so i told him to watch me while i take my cover-alls off and he said what am i doing and i replied i wasnt raised to be a theaf or crook and i quit right there on the spot and i paid for that seniors battery and we both left there. i sent my story to the bbb and they refused to do anything whatsoever.