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    i wouldnt do it

    i worked in a shop at a canadian tire garage doing tire repairs and installs etc and was told to look at an elderly ladys car as she was in for no power issues. i tested the battery and it was weak so i gave it a charge and tested it again and it would,nt hold a charge. the levels were ok so i...
  2. M

    Battery Problems

    Simply put, I bought a battery for a motorcycle. It lasted only a few months so I took it back to CTC in Kingston (I had the bill) and complained about its poor performance and stated I wanted a replacement. I was told they'd have to test it and it would cost me etc etc. I said that's up to you...
  3. D

    Buying Batteries From Canadian Tire - Warranty Issues, Etc.

    The threads on Canadian Tire batteries are very popular, especially when it comes to warranty issues. To get things started, I don't think people realize that the following thread is about batteries: https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/personal-stories/33-when-warranty-isn-t-warranty.html
  4. D

    "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

    A Canadian Tire policy that seems to cause a large number of complaints is their “Repair Only Warranty”. The name doesn’t sound so bad. It seems like it’s only telling you something about the manufacturer’s warranty. After all, how could a “Repair Only Warranty” doesn't sound a whole lot...
  5. T

    Tire flies off vehicle while driving due to CT negligence

    Long story short - got my tires replaced at Canadian Tire and not long after, one of my tires came off my truck while driving, rolled down the road while my truck came to a skidding stop on the shoulder. I got it towed back to Canadian Tire, they admitted fault and offered to make it right. The...
  6. O

    canadiantire.ca 'user' reviews... NOT!

    Well, this is my first post here and as I did not find any reference to the canadiantire.ca website and its so called user reviews, I thought I'd chime in... This is based on my actual experience, but I will spare you the details. You can always respond if you want to learn more. In a few...
  7. J

    Don't shop at Canadian Tire!

    I needed a battery for my car. First battery I've ever bought in my life, and I picked it up at the conveniently located Canadian Tire a couple of blocks away. I paid the extra 10 dollars for the extended warranty on the Motomaster Eliminator battery so I could get 3 years free replacement and 9...
  8. P

    Sure start battery .

    Sure start battery. Always had bad luck with these batterys. And good luck on the warranty claim.
  9. J

    Nautilus deep cycle battery

    Bought a Nautilus Deep cycle battery 3 months ago from Merritt store. Used it once on a electric boat motor put it on a motomaster trickle charger, went to use it again and it never charged. Tried ...a different charger to make sure it wasn`t the charger. Still no voltage. Took it to back and...
  10. A

    How do you rate 17750 Yonge St, Newmarket, ON store?

    Rate this Canadian Tire store? Please vote on the above poll. You may select multiple choices. Only choose the options that apply. Try to be honest. Post other opinions and thought on this particular store below.
  11. IKnowThings


    I'm surprised that no one has posted in here yet. Jobmate is a Canadian Tire specific brand. AND, it SUCKS!! Very poor quality items for the most part. Extremely cheap in every way!
  12. T

    Unauthorized Auto Services Performed at Waterdown Canadian Tire Store

    In August, I took my vehicle in for a simple Safety and Emissions. It failed both. I said to go ahead and do an Emissions diagnostic. 2 hours later, they still had not started it. They drove me home. 2 hours later, I call to find out the results of the diagnostic since I hadn't heard from them...
  13. C

    From A Customer Service Rep

    The return policy isn't as cracked as you people make it out to be. I work on the customer service counter(and have also been in the sports dept, seasonal dept, and Garden Center) and I find Canadian Tire a good place to shop. Is it a career for me? Hell no. I'm a university student making some...
  14. G

    When a Warranty Isn?t a Warranty

    On 30 December 2006 we purchased a new battery for my car. This battery model comes with a 2 year warranty. In December 2007, I started having problems with a dead battery on a regular basis. Our other car is a hybrid, so we can?t use it for jump starting another car. We took the battery to...
  15. C

    A Consumer's War against CTC

    Do you really know what the mechanics at the Canadian Tire Auto Service are doing to your car? (I) On Jan 7, 2008, my car's condition was checked by a mechanic at the Tony Graham dealership: (1) No vibration felt at highway speeds (2) Checked for beating noise - nothing heard (3) Inspected...