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Canadian Tire #087 Mon May 27, 2013 at about 1500 hr: A lady staff named 'Heidia' or 'Haidy' or ‘Hadia’ (herein referred to as ‘Heidia’) came to assist my mom and me in loading our shopping cart with a couple of recliner chairs, the folding type that you can use outdoors on the patio. While removing one of these chairs from the shelf, Heidia offset a couple of boxes underneath that shelf (these were also large boxes of similar chairs). I even warned her by saying 'Be careful'. Nonetheless, she continued pulling out our items. I was standing behind Heidia when the two boxes underneath the ones she was pulling 'popped out' of the shelf and fell towards her and me :hurt:. The boxes injured my right wrist (and her I’m guessing) as we tried to stop them (out of instinct) from falling further. However, they were too heavy for both of us and so they tumbled down to the floor while I scrambled backwards to avoid any additional injuries.
I calmly advised her that she needs to be careful in handling merchandise and that an even worse accident could have occurred. She apologized and then after she loaded the chairs boxes (the two we wanted to buy) in our cart, she apologized again and went away. We picked up a few more items we wanted to buy, all while I was trying to understand the incident and how careless the staff are and how weak the store policies are. We proceeded to the checkout counter and asked the cashier if we could speak to the store manager. She heard a bit of our story and then decided to call the store owner. Jason Hayes, Canadian Tire store owner, came to us and we relayed the incident to him. He appeared concerned and apologized more than a few times. He also said more than once, that accidents happen and that he was sorry about it. I told him that the shelves are so carelessly and forcefully stacked that removing one box on one shelf forced another item from another shelf to ‘pop out’ of its place unnecessarily. To this he answered that items are stacked like this in every store he had been to in his entire life! :numbness: We even asked if there was another counter or customer service place to go to, and that if there was a form that we could fill out to record this incident, but he said there isn’t anything of the sort. He insisted that he is at this store and that as long as he was there, we could come in any time and speak to him about this. I then pressed for some information of a person I could contact or someone who I could speak to so that I could discuss the situation with, and about the store’s safety procedures. Mr. Hayes then gave me a card with the HR contact. We asked him to write his name on the back of the card. We also asked him to write ‘Heidia’s name also. To this he replied, “I don’t know how to spell her name. You already know what it is.” :torn: I must also mention that during this conversation his DOG came into the store and he starts petting it. And then he apologizes for the dog interrupting our conversation!! Absolutely no professionalism or customer service morals whatsoever!
Well we mentioned that I would have my wrist examined by the doctor. When I asked if we would need to take matters further what the procedure would be, Mr. Hayes said that in that case a lawyer would have to be involved. After more apologies, he asked either we take it up with HR or that “we could settle this right now” as he pointed towards our shopping cart. Not knowing what we were supposed to say or do, we said we have HR’s contact number. So we left the store after paying our bill. Mr. Hayes called a staff person (a young guy) to help load my car with our purchased items.
Upon leaving the store, my mom decided to buy some flower pots that were being sold outside the front entrance of the Canadian Tire store. I joined her after our items were loaded into the car. We selected about 6 plants ($2.49 ea +tax). And just as we were about to reenter the store, I got sprayed from the behind by a young girl staff who was watering the plants with a hose!! She was unaware until I got her attention. And that’s when I lost my nerve. We stormed back into the store and asked to speak to Jason Hayes right away. He came and I explained the situation. Again, he was apologetic. I told him that we were completely upset and we will return everything if nothing was done now. He then said, over and over again, “Please tell me what you’d like me to do”. We were too outraged by that point because we couldn’t believe this was all happening to me, not to mention that my clothes were all wet from behind! Instead of him offering us something he kept insisting that WE TELL HIM WHAT HE SHOULD DO. Absolutely ridiculous! Because he didn’t offer to give us the items even though that’s what I had said first after I got sprayed by the watering girl, we thought it best if at least we got a discount. So he gave us our discount, and gave us the flower plants and a few free cucumber seedlings for free. He personally helped carry our plants back to our car saying, “I want to make sure you don’t go through any more than you already have for today!”
I want to say that the whole experience was a learning experience of how never to shop at Canadian Tire again!