What's the Deal with the Owners/Dealers?


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I was hoping you might have some deeper knowledge to share. For instance:

- How come they are so aggressive with shop-lifters?
- Do they own the inventory in their stores, or does CTC own it?

Theses are related. They do own the stock and it's purchased from CTC.

Yup, I already knew that the stores order items from the CTC distributor, who ships them to the stores.

And from what I've read, the profits on items sold at a CT store are split with the corporation, based on some closely-guarded agreement.

Now, some sources have said that when an item has been shoplifted, the owner still has to give CTC the usual share of the profits, even though the store got no revenue for it. In fact, it sounded as though the owner had to give CTC the full retail price of the stolen item.

Any insights into that?

If so, it would help explain why the CT owner/dealers are much more concerned about shoplifter, compared to others stores. Aggressive chasing events, keeping things locked up, searching bags, etc.

Also, this could relate to why they are so reluctant to give a refund if there's any chance at all that there might possibly maybe been a potential for some kind of fraud or other.

Thanks in Advance!


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i agree with h8r you put in an interesting post.theres a couple of questions i have in mind.first of all if what youre saying is true,then youre talking about a 5% profit per item.i used to work in retail and minimum was around 20%....just wondering if youre management or staff....what i do know is if margins are that low your corporation would have gone out of business years ago,because when you add in overheads,wages,insurance etc.a loss would be made on each item.so i personally think youre wrong.
our main gripe on this forum is about the repair only warranty on certain items even when they dont work properly from new.what are your thoughts on that?

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Here’s something I’ve read before:

As I've explained a million times, it's no different then a warranty on an automobile.

Well, maybe not a million times.

But at least twice. Wasn't it once when The Moaner was posting as CT ME, and once again when The Moaner was posting as Lawguy?

In either case, this “dribble” was decisively dismissed long ago – care to review the laws on new vehicle sales again?

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The fact that you do not believe me has zero bearing on anything I do, have done or will do.

When you have some numbers to substantiate ANY of your claims, let's talk.

When you've got something provable and concrete that businesses are measured by , the door is open for conversation.

Did you even read what I posted?

I absolutely ignore your opinion because it's not even close to accurate.

I guess I should be used to it by now.

But I'm still surprised at how arrogant and self-centered CTMe/Lawguy/Moaner is.

Do they even try to see the word through the eyes of their customers? Nope - just more stuff about how they can't suck, because there are dealers who are making money.

And this stuff about, "Oh, I'm not yet convinced by what consumers post here". As if any of the consumers who regularly post here are trying to convince the Moaner/Owner of anything!

(Of course we do see the occasional newby who thinks their post can somehow touch the conscience of a Moaner/Owner. But that's as naïve as an empassioned plea on www.facebook.com/canadiantire, and accomplishes about as much, too.

And finally, there are these hilarious posts: "Gosh, how come you don't believe my latest round of B.S.? I'm so convincing!"

LMAO! Any iota of credibility has long been dispatched, through the routine posting of clear misrepresentations.

You'd think it'd be obvious by now:

This site is by and for consumers, not owners.

The target audience? Consumers, not owners.

The people we hope to persuade? Consumers (owner seem beyond redemption.)

What kind of information would we want to see from an owner/moaner? Anything that is substantiated, and helpful to consumers!

It's all about perspective - something you won't have, if your head is so far up your own *ss, that you can't see across the Customer Service desk.


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So, this Sangria Troll (who seems to be more and more morphing back into his original form of the long-discredited Angry CT Guy), seems to think really highly of this particular forum:

Costco's NEW Return Policy - beyond.ca car forums community for automotive enthusiasts

Interest - I wonder if he misrepresents facts to consumers over there, too?

I wonder if we'll stumble across some posts like, "Gosh, isn't Crappy Tire just the bestest store ever? And yous guy on this auto forum - you should all just take yourn ve-hicles on over theres, for some Class A service and whatnot."

Should be interesting!


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Speaking of trolls:

I wonder if CTMe/Lawguy/Moaner will ever get around to telling as all about this wonderful "DOA policy" they claimed existed?

There might be a chance to avoid further humiliation ....


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We've been hit with a recent infestation of trolling:

That is why you do not have many posters on your blog. You lie to people. That IS fraud, what she describes.

I just want to point out something that is purely awesome! Two of the three of you regulars on here, trying to lure people into the same arguments on Canadian Tire's facebook page. As previously discussed, CTH8R under your own real name, yes I know who you are.... and then a fake created female facebook ID. Attacking people on there who post things that you don't agree with and trying to get discussion going about repair only warranty or "ROW" as you like to call it hahhahaa
Same sh*t you tried to pull on redflagdeals and atleast one other site.

You're a couple of pathetic losers.
Nobody is listening to you on there either.

Remember, brick by brick you're going to take us down hahahahhahaa
how's that going?


Long forgotten, yet I've been mentioned in how many posts in the last bunch of weeks? Give me a break

Just thought I'd take a bit of time to address some more misinformation you are spreading in an attempt to continue to portray Canadian Tire in a negative light.

- As noted by a truck driver posting on facebook, that you copied here (ie spreading misinformation) the warehouse does NOT own the inventory. Once it's trucked to a store, the dealer owns it.
- Dealers do not pay Canadian Tire retail price for stolen items. It's not their stock, it's ours. I buy it from them at X cost. If it gets stolen, it's lost at the value I paid for it. A couple of key strokes, I take it out of my stock as stolen, order another one and carry on.

Just carry along, copy and pasting any bit of information you can find on facebook and bring it over here to make your forum seem popular and relevant. Oh and don't forget to paste it into multiple forums so it seems like lots of action is on each thread.
Oh and before I forget, make sure to keep posting on facebook under multiple names, fake and real in the same attempt to slam Canadian Tire.

It's all failing miserably. By the way, just noted an interesting article that your beloved retailer Target got hijacked and had 40 million customers financial information breached, and chose not to notify any consumers right away. Luckily it was in the United States not Canada....but remember, that's the parent company of your beloved red circle! Kind of an indication how much they care about their customers. Looks to me like target got targeted!! BULLSEYE!!!

But really, what purpose could this server the CT'ers?

They might just be overwhelmed with feelings of hostility towards their soon-to-be-ex-customers, which can't be fully vented in their Crappy Stores.

And they often attempt to discredit those who seek merely to 'get the word out' about the terrible goings-on at the local Red Triangle of Crap stores.

But mostly, I think, they just can't stand it, when ordinary consumers get together to spread the truth about their terrible policies, crappy products, rip-off automotive dis-service, and awful customer service.

When people speak out against them, they get all "Rob Ford", and start spouting nonsense, blame others, and try to distract the discussion, often with stories about other retailers ... mostly American, LOL!

Nice try, Crappy People!



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Geez, it's like an infection!

My math might not be perfect, but only a couple of people posting on this blog. My favorite though is the number of reposts from Canadian Tire's facebook page that show up here. Almost up to #400, but that would be less than 1 per store given the over 500 locations. So, I'm thinking that tens of thousands must be satisfied every day and that others are also dissatisfied but do not publicly complain. Perhaps 8hers believes that 100% satisfaction is possible. My point all along is that I have not found any retailer or business that can boast that number.

What would this person waste their time posting such 'dribble'?

Do they really think consumers can't see for themselves how much worse their beloved Red Triangle of Crap stores are, compared to all the other big Canadian retailers?

Do they think they can help out their stores by attacking the consumers who are sharing information and experiences on social media?

they can try all the want to Baffle With B.S., but the facts stand for themselves, regardless of how the Crappy People try to Spin things, Rob Ford style.


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From the Facebook thread:

Right. Got it, troll.

Precisely what you've been doing all day today under two different names, attacking customers on FaceBook.


Interesting, how the Moaner/Owner doesn't like people posting anything negative about them on Facebook.

I guess that's not surprising, since lots of posts are deleted over there, which The Moaner calls 'maintenance', LOL.

Obviously anyone who stands to lose financially from the truth about CT getting out, would want to do whatever they can to discourage that.

As far as I know, there haven't been any "attacks" (verbal ones, I assume is the accusation) against customers, on the CT Facebook page. Maybe just some consumers, warning others that a 20% (or less) sale isn't that great so,close to Christmas.

Oh, wait - there HAVE been verbal attacks on T's Facebook page: by CTers, against people who,tell the truth about CT's terrible customer service, poor return policies, rip-automotive service, etc.

We see the same tactic being used on this site, by the CTers.

Don't they know this just makes them look worse, in the eyes of the Canadian consumers?

Such a shame, when they could use see opportunities to help people, instead of attacking those who just want to get the word out.
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Well, the CTers certainly don't like it when people call them on their misrepresentations.

For instance, there are lots of complaints on Facebook about their 'Promo' cards (so-called in order to have an expiry date ... in 7 days!

The misrepresentation is that it is a 'gift' and therefore 'free'.

But of course, you have to spend $200 to get it, so it's not a free, and not a gift at all!

When a consumer pointed this out, the CTer didn't like it much:

"nothing is free"??? Tough expectations for any retailer to meet.

Indeed, a tough expectation that CT created when they paid Facebook to Spam consumers.

And then when CT's deception is exposed, how do CTers react?

They try to 'shoot the messenger', of course!


What a crazy bunch, these CTers are!


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oh you naughty boy h8r how dare you post negative stuff on their facebook page.....LMFAO....funny how they can do it on here and not even get their postings deleted....they really dont like people saying how they really feel about their horrible stores.


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Interesting report on a conversation with an Owner/Dealer:

David B.: So I went to Canadian tire on Smythe St in Fredericton today. I'm getting so frustrated with Canadian tire advertising sales and never having stock. My wife even went before xmas to buy me a tool set that was advertised for the next day... there wasn't any in stock. The store clerks even told me that the flyers are done up way ahead of time so the store could order enough product if they wanted. I don't like rain checks... today I went in to get a air tool kit that was on sale today and get the above promo card as well.... guess what, they didn't have any and I was there 1hr after the store opened.. I got a rain cheque but it doesn't qualify me for the promo card. Craftsman tools are starting to look better every day.... I have even written Canadian tire customer service before and no one has ever gotten back to me. In fact the owner of this store lives at the end of my street and laughs when I tell him my stories and says he doesn't make money when I buy things on sale... great customer service... Home Depot and Sears are looking like my new tool places... I just picked up a 1200.00 snowblower today from Home depot because of Canadian tires poor customer service and never having any stock.


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Here we have the CT Owner's philosophy, simply stated:

Many many dissatisfied customers at every retailer for any number of reasons, but they all continue on.

There you have it, folks.

The Crappy People think it's OK to treat customers like dirt, because their Crappy stores will "continue on" regardless.

Gee, how did that work out for Zellers? Eatons? Even Bargain Harolds? LMAO!


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OK, I've decided to tackle this very strange accusation:

Really? That's all you've got left. Don't feed the troll. A term you are very familiar with given the ongoing Facebook antics of using fake profiles to attack people on ct fb page. Lol. Hypocrit

Anybody who's interested, can have a look at CT's facebook page at www.facebook.com/canadiantire

You are invited to look around and see who it is that is "attacking" customers.

You will quickly see that the only "attacks" and "antics" are being perpetrated by the CT Defenders, including some CT staff, who eagerly go after anyone who dares to speak the truth about this horrible company.

Presuambly this is just self-interest, like we see on this very web site, where the people who gain from the exploitation of innocent consumers, seek to hide the truth about their own "antics", day in and day out.

Nice job, greedy Owner/Moaners!


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its funny how they never really seem to address the actual issues presented to them.instead they try to bring up examples of other bad service by other companies in order to justify their pathetic enterprise.in case you didnt know the term,its called 'passing the buck'.
always someone elses fault.and this attitude is being borne out daily in their nasty stores.obviously they will never learn.


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After some reflection, I wonder if some of the comments by the CTers are 'off-topic', not because they want to be disruptive, but because they are just too lazy to post more than one comment at a time.

It seems that that poke around on the various threads, then pick one & post a lot of nonsense, all in one post.

It would be more logical for them to make their false claims about other retailers in the "Other Retailers" thread, and misrepresentations about customer complaints about Facebook in the Facebook thread, and so on.

So, we might be mis-labelling them as "off-topic" when actually they are simply "lazy".

Either way, though, I find their posts to be generally without merit or value, and designed simply to insult consumers.

For that reason alone, I think they should be largely ignored, no matter how much the whine.

Unless, of course, they come up with some useful ideas. In such cases, I think these comments should be moved to the proper thread, and debated there.

But when it's just a lot of nonsense and BS (like these gripes about what some consumers are allegedly posting on CT's Facebook page), it is pretty safe to ignore.


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ok new thread. canadian tires sucks at their own management trying to moan on this forum.please post all comments here....


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It really is hard to feel sorry for the CT Moaner/Owner/Dealers, when they tell us how difficult their lives are, who they sacrificed everything for a chance to get rich, blah blam blah.

If they don't like the life they've chosen for themselves, then they should just quietly get out, instead of using this as an excuse to milk ordinary Canadians for extra profit.
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