1735 Pickering Canadian Tire is Sucks


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I would like to share by bad experience with 1735 Pickering Canadian. my all 4 nuts came off from road so I called road assistance to put my wheel on and mean time I bought new 4 nuts from this store. guy was not able to put 1 nut so I have to bring my car to nearest store which is 1735 Pickering and explain them issue and gave 1 nut to them with requesting to use same while they fix that. they called after an hr saying it cost over $400 so I told them to not to fix and they said they can not able to put 3 nuts on. I went to see my car and tech Rogers saying I need to replace just 4 stud to fix car and it only cost you $7 per stud and I agreed to it. next day they called me and said it will cost me $107 with tax, while I went there to pick my car was surprise was $169 with tax and also they put other nuts and charge $40 for that. when I spoke to manager all he said Sorry,
I called to 1800 387 8803 main number to report complain and after week they said sorry nothing we can do. I spend good time on this to hear sorry.

be careful while you bring your car to CANADIAN TIRE, once they open your car, they open their big mouth too at a same time.