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What I find crazy is how many terrible Canadian tires there are. Now, I am not saying I disagree with the posts, but my family and I have been going to the Canadian Tire on Regent Ave in Transcona since it opened 25 years ago. I am currently employed as a service advisor at this store. Now dont get me wrong. The shop has a lot of problems, it is poorly managed and moral in the shop is low. The quality of work that is done is typically very high. Some of our mechanics have been with the store since it opened. Mistakes get made and management tries to squeeze every dollar out of the problem, even if it means not paying the technician. I make sure the customer gets put first. In December I sold over 20 batteries a day. I would test about 5 "bad" batteries a day. Our store (at least) has a very nice Midtronics tester that is very accurate. This test is free. We do not test frozen batteries. In the event of a frozen battery it is policy to do one of two things. 1) Offer to thaw, charge and retest the battery for free or 2) customer may take the battery home and do the same thing.

Now, I have seen my share of people trying to take advantage of this policy. First off, without the panflet, or a history of the battery being installed at our store I can only date code warranty a battery, which uses a sticker on the side of the battery. This sticker states the manufacturing date. That assumes the role of purchase date and the customer must cover half the battery value. Why? because people grab batteries from cars at the wrecker and bring them in. Ive seen everything from stickers being transferred from a battery I personally warrantied to another battery. I even recognized the guy, to people who present a panflet which says the battery was purchased before it was made. Now if there are stores that try to lie to customers that this has happened thats a shame. But thats probably why store 270 (regent, winnipeg) is one of the most successful Canadian tires in the country. With one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

However the shop could see improvement. and between my Identity and you. If u get service there get the right tech for the right situation.
Seasonal Oil Change, ask for ed
Engine work, Rick
and Chrysler, Ron (20 years with Chrysler prior)
Suspention, Derek
Diagnosing Check engine ect, Robert (he sees each one as a personal challenge)

We deal with other stores as well, and even as an employee and have seen some of the things u guys talk about.

P.S. not every tech is 18. In my province you have to be licensed to even work on vehicles in a shop. Unless its Tires, batteries, Oil change or Light bulbs.

" moral in the shop is low" - Do you actually mean "moral" as in "morality" or "moral" as in "morale"? - Sorry for trying to be a smart alec but I also got screwed on a warranty. Firstly, the store charged me $28 to test and confirm that the battery was faulty. I'd inadvertently authorised this and very reluctantly accepted the charge. Next they charged another $28 to install the "free" replacement battery. This was more than half the cost of the original battery installation. With the help of a lawyer friend acting as moderator, the store manager finally refunded the second $28 but only after weeks of haggling.

At that time I looked up the country's Company Dissatisfaction Website and Canadian Tire was second only to Air Canada.

Now, 2 years later the replacement's failed and the attending Tow Truck driver even warned me to, "Keep well away from Canadian Tire car batteries - they're rubbish".


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To SVC-CT-270

As you can see from my listing, I'm new to this site and not completely sure I'm replying to the correct person. If so, I very much appreciate your offer to make contact on my behalf if there's any future problem.

Reading your original post, I must say I'm extremely impressed with your original post in speaking on behalf of your particular establishment and, by implication, Canadian Tire generally.

When you say that "management tries to squeeze every dollar out of the problem", I would make a clear distinction in my case between the "management" and the "owner" who I unfortunately had to deal with regarding my complaint. In my case, I clearly had all the documation proving my purchase at this particular store. In this particular store, I have found the Manager to be excellent. The staff vary but generally they're OK particularly in comparision to some of the other large retailers.

In conclusion, many thanks for your reply and please keep up the good work that you're doing which I hope will be well rewarded in terms of personal satisfaction and, deservedly, in your career at Canadian Tire - Good Luck.