Canadian Tire is sloppy and frustrating!


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I got a bike from Canadian tire. 4 days in the chain broke. Took it to get repaired. Got repaired and then another problem arose. I got home and saw that the pedal was loose. I found it fishy but just decided to tighten the nut. After a few blocks of riding the pedal came loose again. Stranded with nothing to fix I had to walk home. Strange because I gave the bike for a chain fix and got it back with another problem. Back to Canadian tire it was. I told them what's up and they repaired it. Came back and the same problem arose. I had done this 4 times and I'm very FRUSTRATED. The bike is not being fixed and I don't have time to keep RUNNIN to Canadian tire. The staff at McLaughlin and bovaird is helpful. But the trinity commons location is filled with rude ignorant managers and staff. I told them what's up and that I had got it repaired 4 times and I'm frustrated. They simply said all we can do is repair it again. My only Choice now is to call head office and tell them what's up. I'm also going to compain about the horrible customer service at trinity commons. Any others who agree?