1. J

    Canadian Tire is sloppy and frustrating!

    I got a bike from Canadian tire. 4 days in the chain broke. Took it to get repaired. Got repaired and then another problem arose. I got home and saw that the pedal was loose. I found it fishy but just decided to tighten the nut. After a few blocks of riding the pedal came loose again. Stranded...
  2. Ramou


    Hello, as with everyone here, I've had an inexcusably bad experience at CT. In my case, trying to return defective goods. The clerks were treating me like a liar and a theif. I had to phone customer service on my cell while standing in front of the assistant "manager" while he was texting his...
  3. C

    Canadian Tire Sucks at Auto Repairs - Unnecessary, over-priced, incompetent, incorrect and incomplete!

    There certainly are a lot of complaints about automotive repairs at Crappy Tire stores. This thread can be a place to collect the many stores of unnecessary repairs and over-charging. As well there are stories of incompetence, and also incorrect and incomplete repairs. For stories about tire...
  4. T

    It's my mufler again

    What a nightmare. I took my 95 Jeep to Exeter this time when my Life Time Muffler blew apart. They wanted over 100bucks for labour, they dropped it to 60 when I flat out refused to pay that for 20 minutes work. Well it was a little noisy on the way home but just put it down to manifold gasket...
  5. V

    Watch out buying tires at Cobourg CTS.

    My brother went to Canadian Tire in Cobourg to get a leak fixed in his tire. He was told the tire was unrepairable. He bought a new tire and when we saw the old tire he was upset --- the tire was clearly repairable. He showed me the tire and I found it unbeliveable that they had not simply...
  6. S

    Simonize - just another private label??

    After getting stung on a Simonize pressure washer that failed during the warranty, then failed just outside of the warranty (now sitting forlornly in my car port) I am told that CT bought the name for Canada and it's sold only by CT. It was cheap and I guess the name of the crapshoot is 1. you...
  7. C

    Crappy Tire's Financial State

    It's good to see some financial information that isn't distored by the Crappy Tire Defenders. It turns out that this "cash only" buy-out of Forzani wasn't really "cash only" after all. Crappy Tire's debt went up from $2.3 billion to $3.3 billion. There was assumed debt and transaction costs...
  8. G

    Defective part causes engine damage

    I built a new engine with my truck, I replaced the water pump with one bought from canadian tire. The water pump failed after two days and in the process milled 4-5mm off the engine block water pump cavity. I've received quotes ranging from 5000-7000$ to have the damage repaired. Now the...
  9. G

    Making more work for themselves

    I took my car in yesterday to get my powersteering line repaired from a leak as well as get an oil change and fix the front driverside headlight and get a new tire for the from passanger side since it was leaking. I also asked for them to add freon for the AC while they were at it. The guy...
  10. R

    Can i sue CT?

    Hi all, I bought one of the toolkits from CT and was not satisfied as the tools were not picking the thread properly. 15 days later i went to return but CT refuse to refund the money. They said that since its been used they cannot give a full refund. Can i sue them?
  11. D

    Sale of Goods Act

    Has anybody heard of this before? I came across this on Ellen Roseman's "On Your Side" blog (here: Your right to a refund, credit or exchange | Ellen Roseman). Apparently, "the Sale of Goods Act says that merchandise must be fit for the intended purpose". Basically, if you buy something, then...
  12. T

    Tire flies off vehicle while driving due to CT negligence

    Long story short - got my tires replaced at Canadian Tire and not long after, one of my tires came off my truck while driving, rolled down the road while my truck came to a skidding stop on the shoulder. I got it towed back to Canadian Tire, they admitted fault and offered to make it right. The...
  13. G

    Auto Department Is Terrable at changing oil.

    Bought a veichle from alberta and had to get it inspected at canadian tire. So i did that and while I was there I got them to change my oil and filter, BIG MISTAKE. The dimwhits there couldnt even find the oil filter and change it. I know this because they always put Motocrap oilfilters and air...
  14. B

    Canadian Tire Brake Job From Hell PLACE ROSEMERE J7A 4B4

    Here is the info for the last place on the planet you want to have your brakes done at : Canadian Tire My Canadian Tire Store: ROSEMERE, QC PLACE ROSEMERE ROSEMERE, QC J7A 4B4 Here's my Brief Story ... 5 Days ago - after noticing my brakes had issues - After all these years, I went back to...
  15. G

    What a ripoff!!!!

    I needed some work done on my Ford E-250 work van and found out my regular mechanic was away on holidays, so I made an appointment at the country hills location to have an oil change, tune up and a flat tire repaired. I went in and thye looked up all the pricing....$45 for the oil change...$265...
  16. A

    How do you rate 601 Upper Gage Av, Hamilton, ON store?

    Rate this Canadian Tire store? Please vote on the above poll. You may select multiple choices. Only choose the options that apply. Try to be honest. Post other opinions and thought on this particular store below.
  17. G

    Canadian Tire Dartmouth Crossing

    The people at customer service are horrible. I had this stupid teenager with red hair that wouldn't allow me to return my lawn mower, well I got to speak to a manager about that little brat. I had to wait 30 minutes before I was able to get my money back. I'm never shopping there again, the...
  18. M

    Crappy Tire Boycott

    I would like to initiate a Canadian Tire Boycott. I've purchased one too many defective products where the warranty is not honoured for some ridiculour reason. It is a pattern and I'd like to use this and other forums to urge shoppers to buy their hardware, tires, homeware, gas...
  19. G

    From the management?

    Why I'm Angry with you the assho... oops I mean customer. Someone complained about not being able to return a treadmill 2 days after buying it! This sounds f___ing rediculous doesn't it? But... I know why, to return that treadmill, excercise bike, or whatever excercise equipment you...
  20. G

    When a Warranty Isn?t a Warranty

    On 30 December 2006 we purchased a new battery for my car. This battery model comes with a 2 year warranty. In December 2007, I started having problems with a dead battery on a regular basis. Our other car is a hybrid, so we can?t use it for jump starting another car. We took the battery to...